Author: Ron Yahaloms

how to get rid of a cold fast

18 Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Cold Fast

When you have a cold, you feel tired and have absolutely no energy to do anything. Your throat feels tickly, your nose is congested, sometimes you feel hot and flushed; at other times you feel cold and shivery. It can be very annoying to experience all these symptoms of a cold which get in the way of your everyday life. Getting rid of a cold is also quite difficult since most doctors only prescribe fever reducing pills or, at the most, bed rest. So, in this article, we are going to discuss 18 natural ways to help you get rid of a cold fast. All these time-tested remedies work effectively and quickly so you are sure to feel better in a couple of days.   What is a cold? How does it develop? Everyone gets a cold once in a while. Children tend to get as many as 6-8 colds in a year on account of weaker immune systems. We catch a cold from tiny germs called microbes which we pick up from contaminated surfaces …