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How to turn a guy on – 6 Essential Tricks That Every Woman Should Know


How to turn a guy on

Many women fail at the dating game. This might be due to many different reasons. Some are too shy to approach a guy at a club, for example, others are too arrogant and give off an air of superiority, which instantly turns of most guys. There are also women who think themselves way more intelligent then a man, and as such, come of as all knowing and geeky, which also most guys don`t really like.

Men, like women, are complicated beings, and have their needs and desires, just like women do. Although it might seem easy to hook up with a guy at the local pub, who drank all night and does not even know his name anymore, turning on a sober and normal man, is quite complicated. Here are some essential tips and tricks that every woman should know, if they want to date or simply turn on their significant other.

1) Wear a sexy dress

The first thing men notice about a woman, is the way she dresses. Nowadays, the more skin a woman shows, the better. Mini skirts and sexy stockings with high heels will definitely make any man swoon over you. Also, skin tight dresses with just enough cleavage to show off you assets is also the way to go. A woman should, without doubt, accentuate her natural curves, mostly around her hips and behind, because that part is what most men will check out first when seeing a woman.

2) Walk sexy

This part is pretty easy for most women, but there are some who have to learn it from scratch. Walking like a man, will definitely not turn on any guy who sees you. When a woman wears high heels, the natural swaying of the hips when she walks should come by heart, but every woman should learn how to walk sexy, even if she is wearing Converse shoes. There are few things as beautiful, as seeing a sexy woman walking the right, sexy way, just hinting at her assets, with every step she makes. It is just mesmerizing, and will surely turn any guy on.

3) Smell good

Smell is a very important part in turning on both genders. A sweaty, stinking construction worker, will probably be as successful in hooking up with a woman, as a pig would be. And that is true for women as well. Always smell nice when dating, or even when meeting your husband or boyfriend. A woman smelling of sweet, flowery fragrance is extremely sexy for a man. Half of the question of how to turn a guy on, can be answered by just smelling good. Always use perfume when going out, or even at home. Love goes through the nose as well.

4) Be soft

An extremely important aspect. Every woman should be as soft as silk. Use creams, lotions, shower gels which naturally make your skin soft and moist. And most importantly, always shave. Nothing is as disgusting for a man, then a hairy woman. That was sexy 10,000 years ago, but not in the 21st century. On the other hand, few things are as sexy for a man, as silky smooth skin, wherever he might touch you.

5) The way you present yourself

Every woman should show of her femininity to a man. But also, not be needy and excessively possessive. The perfect combination, is between a damsel in distress and a woman that can hold her ground, without becoming arrogant. Men naturally want to protect their women, it is an ancient instinct that every man has. If you let him protect you, it will definitely turn him on, because he will feel like a hero. But also, if you show him that you are not just a pushover, that is very hot for a guy as well. It is all about balancing these two character traits.

6) Play the game

This last part is also very important. Always play the game with a guy. Tease him, touch him just at the right spots, and then back away. Leave him with something to look forward to for the night. Make playful jokes about him, and accept his jokes as well, without taking them personally. Kiss him ever so slightly, but never give him everything. Men were hunters in ancient times, and that remains true to this day. They need a challenge and something to hunt, so be the prey. It is a definite turn on for most men, to have to go out of their way to get a woman.

I hope these tips will help women out there who struggle with the question of how to turn a guy on. I wish you success.

Sex, love, handsome.

10 Reasons to Have Passionate Sex Every Night

There are many reasons why married couples should definitely consider having sex every night. However, unfortunately, sex is one of the first things that begins to deteriorate in a marriage, especially after having kids. With all of the new responsibilities that come with taking care of another human being, we often forget to take care of ourselves and to spend time together as an intimate, adult couple. Here are 10 great reasons why you should seriously consider having sex with your spouse every night:

It causes you to live longer

Studies have consistently shown, not surprisingly, that there is a direct correlation between how long you live to how much sex you have. A comprehensive study done by The University of Belfast, published in 1997 in the British Medical Journal, found that men who reported a high frequency of orgasms (two or more per week), had a lower death rate than men of the same age whose sex lives were less intense.  Sex is the lost fountain of youth.

Because you’ll look younger

Sex makes people look younger. Research findings indicate that maintaining a consistent sex life increases your chances of maintaining a more youthful appearance for a much longer period of time. This can include: shiny hair, a radiant face, soft and supple skin, and sparkling eyes. Why is that? Studies have revealed that during sex, there is an increasedsecretion of hormones such as estrogen, DHEA, and many others thatwill boost and maintain the renewal and regeneration of skin cells. This promotes elasticity which would normally start to deteriorate later in life and maintains that coveted youthful glow.

Stress Relief

Medically speaking, having sex in general can be a great way to help relieve stress. Having sex every night is just a bonus to help ensure that stress is a problem of the past. It’s a great way to recharge after a long day. Although this may sound ironic, it does actually help you to feel energized regardless of how taxing it may seem to do so beforehand.

Because it reduces your chances of getting cancer (specifically Prostate Cancer)

 Prostate cancer is the most common cancer found in men worldwide, as there are hundreds of thousands of men diagnosed with this illness each year. Research has discovered that sex and masturbation may reduce the chances of the disease, because they lower the concentration of carcinogenic substances foundin prostate fluid.According to the study, men who slept with more than 20 women reduced their risk of developing the disease by about a third.

It will make you more attractive

 The more sex you have, the more attractive you are. Why? The logic is actually quite simple. When we are sexually active, our bodies automatically releases chemicals into the air called pheromones, which act as our natural sexual perfume. Because this scent lingers around us for some time afterwards, people who we come into contact with will find us much more sexually attractive than normal. This is the reason why, during the beginning stages of a relationship, it may seem that many different people are trying to flirt with us.

It will make your relationship much better

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to have sex every night is because of the connection boost that it gives you and your spouse. It can be hard to stay connected with kids, work, school, and any other number of things that are going on. It’s a great way to show that you still care about your spouse, your marriage, and about your future together as a couple. It’s like having a mini-honeymoon daily. It brings back all of the pleasant memories that you have formed over your marriage and helps you to see your spouse in a positive light.

You can think of it as a way to reward yourself for all of the hard work you do the rest of the time and it’s a great way to remind yourself of why you married your husband or wife in the first place. Remember to take time out for fun and life will be much happier in the long run.

Sex is the best gym in the world and it’s free!

This is probably the most popular workout on Earth. Having sex is a great way to burn a LOT of calories in a very short period of time. It’s definitely easier and much more convenient than going to the gym. It also keeps you healthy and can actually help you lose weight as well.

As far as particular benefits for both men and women, regular sex contributes to boosting and maintaining great abs for men and it helps to shape the buttocks of women as well as reduce cellulitis.

It will make you happy

By having sex on a regular basis, you are ensuring that your happiness levels go up and that you’re a much more pleasant person to be around. Having sex helps to boost your mood and also helps you to feel love and appreciated by your spouse. This helps keep you in a positive frame of mind and can greatly improve every other aspect of your life if you allow it to.

It the best natural medication for pain relief

 When we reach an orgasm a multitude of hormones is being released, including endorphins and Enkephalins, which are released in our brain and act as our body’s natural pain relievers. This can help with any type of pain, from headaches, and joint pain to migraine headaches and even mild depression. By lowering stress levels, regular sex contributes to the expansion of the brain’s blood vessels, also known as vasodilation. This works to relieve one of the main causes of headaches, which iswhich is the constriction of these blood vessels.

It will give you better sleep

 Because you expend so much energy and calories when you have sex, it is also a great way to guarantee that you get great sleep. It helps to regulate your hormones and helps you to relax so that you are able to get to sleep and stay asleep. It also enhances the quality of your sleep so that you feel well rested and energized in the morning.


Having sex every night may initially sound a bit extreme to some or perhaps too tiring to even consider. However, giving it a chance could truly change your marriage from the inside out. By making the decision to invest more in your spouse and in yourself, you are taking care of your marriage and of each other. This will then be reflected for your kids, who will see how loving parents treat each other and can definitely help you to maintain a strong connection over the years.




What men secretly want?

“Men are simple beings, very predictable.” I have run out of fingers counting the number of ladies I have heard make this remark or an equivalent of it. While there might exist some element of truth in this rashly made observation, the modern-day redefined man still remains an enigma that cannot be summed up with some half-baked analogy. If this was entirely the case, then 90% of Taylor Swift’s “heartbreak” tracks wouldn’t have seen the light of day. However, as a man, I have to come to understand that despite the fact that men are mostly misunderstood when it comes to romance, they largely subscribe to a unique type of mindset. And most of them will harbour the following deep-set secrets about they expect from the ladies in their life;

Men secretly crave for women they can confide in.
Don’t be fooled by the macho, handsome exterior or by the cocky, almost elegant attitude. Most men are not so sure of themselves. They, however, put up the facade of refined confidence to impress women and also as an adaptation means of surviving the ruthless dating arena. Nonetheless, in their true pristine nature, men yearn for a lady whom they can open up to. A lady whom they don’t have to work so hard to impress each other day. They want a woman with whom they share their most inner fears and insecurities. And a man will certainly fall for a lady whom he can hold a heart-to-heart conversation with, without feeling inferior or undermined.

A man will always want to feel like “he’s the man of the house.”
Men are generally egoistic beings and the proof of that lies with how aggressively they make advances to women. Ask any man in a relationship and he will tell you how good it feels when his girl curls up inside his embrace. As a lady, the easiest way you could terminate a relationship with a guy is to encroach his masculine roles and begin dictating what he should or what he shouldn’t do. You might be taller than him, earning more than him, more educated than him but remember that he will always want to feel in control of the relationship. Otherwise, be prepared to catch him with another ‘more submissive’ woman.

Men yearn for appreciation from their ladies.
When is the last time you surprised him with an unexpected gift? When is the last time you told him that his eyes look vibrant when he’s whispering you some lovey-dovey pep talk? Chances are you’ve never done that. It’s natural for women to think that the relationship revolves around them that they forget that it takes two to tango. Remember, if you make him feel that he’s paying to be in a relationship, he will do just that- pay for all your expensive clothes and in turn expect you to fulfill his physical needs. That kind of relationship usually leads nowhere. Any man worth his effort desires to be appreciated by the lady he’s toiling for.

Men yearn for respect and attention as much as ladies do.
Chivalry aside, the reason why most men go lengths to dazzle ladies, is because they love the respect that women accord to men of substance. Make a man feel like a small god and right there you have yourself a man under your spell. He will empty his bank accounts for you and swim the across the Pacific when you come calling. 

To sum it up, all a man truly desires from his significant other is to feel like every bit of himself is perfect for her.

Discesa in doppia

Challenges to do at home and with friends

Challenges to do at home

For many people, a home is just a place to sit, relax and attend to family chores. Even those who truly believe in the good old adage that a home is where the heart is’ may not fully acknowledge the fact that the home can be quite an adventurous place.

Aside from sitting in front of the television watching your favorite shows, or venturing into the backyard for a touch of fresh air, there are very many other ways to derive maximum experience. Join me as I introduce you to some of the fun challenges to do at home, with a view to helping you explore the wildest zones of your heart and mind.


As it were, meditation is the closest we can ever get to God. Even the atheists know that meditation brings us in touch with our higher power. It makes us take stock of what has happened, what is going on around us and what is yet to come. Aside from the personal and spiritual benefits, meditation has health benefits too. It is known to reduce stress and overcome many emotional challenges, especially if there is an apparent feud in the family. In a nut shell, meditation fosters clarity of thought that allows us to form better opinions of others and make balanced judgments. All you need to do is spare some time and learn the many ways to meditate, and then select one that works best for you.

Draw or paint

We all know that not everyone is born an artist, but that is not to say we shouldn’t try to be one at times. The kind of art done through drawing and painting can be very therapeutic as well. There is never a better way to get those rigid and racing thoughts out of our minds than to express them through painting or drawing. Did you hear of the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words?’ Basically, there are emotions we can never express in words and the best way to convey them is through drawing. Open up your mind today by drawing and begin to see things that would otherwise be unclear by drawing something. What’s more, do not focus on the appearance but rather on the message you are trying to convey.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is not only a fun challenge to do at home, but a way of enhancing your mental capabilities as it flexes your brain muscles. The benefits of learning a new language are many, and they range from widening your social circle as you are open to interact with many people, to putting you in a better position for certain job opportunities. However, it is the great experience it brings us while doing it at home that makes this challenge a must-try.

Dance a little

Do your friends say you have two left legs, fear not. You can actually dance at home without them having to watch you. Dancing is a sure way of lightening you up, and it is recommended you dance to your favorite videos for maximum experience. If you cared enough to stimulate your creativity, dancing is just the perfect thing for you, thanks to its ability to release energy from our spines. In addition, it is a healthy way of having a little workout after long spells of sitting or sleeping.

Vision board

Vision-boarding should not be a preserve of wannabe artists. You can take the challenges as well at home. Vision board pictures are not just food for the eyes, but they can offer you great inspiration to go after the things you long for such as a type of a guy, a car or even a home. Vision boards will surely enhance your focus to pursue your most cherished life goals as they will always be a constant and visual reminder of what you want to be.

Handstand against the wall

Hand standing against the wall helps your brain function better. However, that is not the only benefit of taking up this challenge at home. This challenge has also been proven to improve your complexion as well as enhance strength and confidence. Do not approach this challenge as a workout but instead, gently and carefully work yourself into the handstand and you will notice that your wrists and hands will be stronger to withstand the challenge.

Start writing

As is the case with drawing or painting, writing is also another way of expressing emotions. The only difference is that writing enables you to express ideas. Think of what you want to accomplish in future and start writing about it. You can also think of a play you would wish to star in and begin writing the plot. At the end of the day, you may be surprised to end up with one of the most expensive blueprints or enthralling plots ever. You can write on a piece of paper, typewriter or even on your PC, what matters is the idea you are trying to write about and not the medium.

Spoon bending

For once in all time, you can forget the cynicism that is associated with this practice and take up the challenge at home. While it is clearly not practical, neither is it scientific, it is a sure way of unleashing the positive energy from your brain. Spoon bending opens up the brain and challenges it to venture into the extraordinary.

Cook some special recipe

A good recipe to experiment with here would be raw foods. Raw veggies are not just a preserve of the health and fitness fanatics. You can experiment with them too. Once you find a raw food recipe, try to practice preparing one. Experimenting with raw foods is a challenge that all should take, not only for the huge nutritional benefits that these foods bring, but also because they stabilize our emotion and make the brain function better. This ways, you can approach all the challenges that arise at home with a good level of sobriety.

Find a cause

Lastly, you can also take up one of the most recommended challenges to do at home – finding a cause. A cause can be anything that you fancy and greatly admire. As a general rule, it is often more fun to try and recover the lost causes as opposed to finding new ones. Some of the lost causes you can recover and begin championing include honesty in business, responsible parenting, chastity, environmental care or responsible leadership.

6 Challenges to do with friends

Play truth or dare game

Truth or dare games are always very challenging but fun too. If you have time, you and your friends can organize a get together and play it. It’s always interesting to see what type of truths the players reveal about themselves. It is a way to bond and also get to know your friends better. Truth questions like “what is your worst fear” are very important and are very effective in learning more about your friends. The dare games are usually very challenging and sometimes they test the resilience of an individual. There are some that only the strong willed and the most courageous can actually overcome.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing usually requires a lot of preparation and conditioning, more especially if it’s a tall mountain. You can get together with your friends and organize an expedition. It is much safer and fun if you go as a group because the mountain terrain is normally very challenging to navigate. If possible, try and reach the highest mountain peak. It’s never easy to climb a mountain but together with friends, it is a challenge worth trying. The experience is quite something and the memories created will last a life time.

Raising money for charity

It’s always great and very fulfilling to raise money for a good cause. You can organize with your friends to raise money for charity and set targets to see who achieves them first. It’s not easy to raise money because most people will look at it with a lot of skepticism and getting to the desired amount can be a very difficult task. The goal is what makes it worthwhile because at the end of the day, it is all about helping the less fortunate in the society.

Class competition

If you and your friends are in the same class or at the same level of education, some healthy academic competition is very much welcome. You can challenge yourselves to see who gets the highest GPA score or who goes to the best university. It is a challenge worth taking up especially if you are in your last year of high school and are competitive. The challenge can also push you to work harder and get better grades than your friends.

Bike racing

What is more fun than a group of friends competing against each other in bike racing? You can set aside a weekend and together as friends, race against each other and see who emerges the winner. It is a test of endurance, strategy and physical strength. It is also a good way to exercise. At the end of the day, you will have had a good time.

Quitting a bad habit

You can challenge yourselves to quit a habit. It’s not easy to quit a habit like smoking and that’s why it’s much better to monitor yourselves as friends. If you are the only one who smokes, you can tell your friends about the decision to kick the habit and have them monitor your progress. That would definitely be a healthy challenge. There are also other bad habits like poor eating patterns which you could challenge yourselves to quit.



List of topics to talk about

Human beings have many topics to talk about but choosing the right topic for striking a conversation is an art. Different age groups have different interests. These interests also differ with time and context. Similarly, topics differ in the company of bosses, colleagues, friends, relatives, acquaintances, and strangers, though some topics are invariably common. Conversation helps to find a common ground.

Difference between communication and conversation

Communication is not essentially conversation. It also need not be in spoken format. Conversation requires communication in verbal format and usually results in some agreement or disagreement.

Lists of topics to talk about

Learning the art of conversation begins with knowing something about topics to talk about in the specific group. Here are a few lists of possible topics that help to keep the conversation flowing

List of topics for conversation between youngsters and adults

1. Studies
2. Activities in school
3. Sports
4. Clothes
5. Gadgets and devices
6. Pocket money
7. Vehicles
8. Games

It is unlikely that the youngster is going to be concerned about issues such as unemployment, healthcare costs, politics, purchase of new machine, budget, etc. Any such conversation in which there is no input from the other person in the conversation stifles it.

List of topics to talk about with your wife/spouse

1. Future
2. Finances
3. Politics and trending topics
4. Problems and concerns, including those related to children, car, neighbors, guests, health, etc.
5. Work
6 Any secrets or embarrassing situations that the spouse needs to be aware of including past
7. Vacation
8. Friends and relatives
9. Happy moments
10. Sad moments
11. Clothes and shopping
12. Movies, games, etc.

Obviously, the couple spends more time together. Therefore, they need more topics to discuss. Often the topics turn up out of blue such as conversation with a neighbor, or something in the newspaper.

List of topics for conversation with friends

1. Work
2. Concerns directly or indirectly related to work or something that is stressful
3. Politics and trending topics
4. Clothes and shopping
5. Movies, games, etc
6. Health
7. Friends
8. Gadgets and gizmos

List of topics to talk about with relatives

1. Politics and trending topics
2. Clothes and shopping
2. Movies, games, etc.
4. Health
5. Friends and spouse
6. Work
7. Problems and concerns that can be solved
8. Gadgets and gizmos
9. Vacations

List of topics to be discussed with strangers

1. Politics and trending topics
2. Movies, games, etc.
3. Gadgets and gizmos

List of topics to be discussed with employers or bosses

1. Politics and trending topics
2. Work
3. Problems at work place
4. Gadgets and gizmos including machines and equipment for workplace
5. Business competitor


The above lists are by no means exhaustive. Context also matters. Therefore, employer talking about business competitor at the wedding ceremony of the employee is odd. Passionately rambling about something that others are not interested in or know little about is actually boring them. Effectively, they start avoiding the rambler. Similarly, not allowing others to talk on the topic is also not an effective way to start and continue a conversation. At the other end of spectrum are those persons who do not talk much. Therefore, they tend to answer in monosyllables or behave in a manner that the conversation is stilted. Silence follows such awkward situation and it needs to be broken by changing the topic or adding something that dispels such awkwardness. The art of conversation and topics to talk about is indeed a complex art.


The ultimate list of Things to talk about

things to talk about with a girl

Do you ever find yourself meeting with someone and find that you have no topics to talk about? Do you notice that you often experience long silences in conversations? This may be especially noticeable when you’re on a first date with someone. While conversations with friends typically experience moments of silence, this can be excruciating when you’re on a date, especially a first date.

Things to talk about with a girl on a First Date Topics:
When you’re on a first date, the atmosphere should be light and casual. This is a great time to discuss basic things like your likes and dislikes, hobbies, and similar subjects. However, you may be struggling to think of things to say on a date. This isn’t uncommon and many people find this to be true. Here are a few questions or general areas to focus on that are appropriate for a first date.

* Favorite experience traveling
This is a great topic to discuss if you or your date enjoy traveling. Even if you don’t travel frequently, you and your date probably have some interesting experiences that can be used to spark good conversations. Share an experience from your own travels and make it something that’s lighthearted but makes a little fun of yourself. Then, ask your date for similar experiences. It’s a topic that breaks the ice and opens up a variety of topics.

* Favorite television series
This is a good way to get to know your date’s tastes in entertainment. While you may not have similar tastes, you probably have watched at least one show in common. This is a topic which may go into other ones or can just be a short get-to-know-you question. You can also use this question to discuss what you enjoy in a television show and what really keeps you interested in a series. Discuss your favorite ones in the past and on air today if you both are frequent television watchers.

* Worst high school experience
Everyone probably has a few cringe-worthy moments from high school and this is a great way to learn about a date’s past and what they were like in high school. You can also ask your date if it was possible to go back in time and change a past event, which one they would choose and why. You probably have at least one event in your past that you wish you could change and you should be prepared with your own answer. Most people are curious about people’s history and how they became who they are today, so you can learn a little more about a person through this question.

* Top items on a bucket list
This question really gets to what your date wants to achieve in his or her lifetime. It also provides an opportunity to determine if you have similar ambitions in life. Make sure that you have a few items off of your own bucket list to share. Some of these items could be silly like finally putting together Ikea furniture successfully, but make sure to have a few profound items as well. Your date will want to know that you also have ambition in life.

* Pet peeves
You may or may not be high maintenance, but it’s always a good idea to figure out what type of person your date is when it comes to things that may be pet peeves. Ask about what pet peeves he or she has to figure out how tolerant they are. They may only be annoyed by things that are truly annoying or they may not be bothered by all that much. The reason why this makes such a good question though, is that everyone has a pet peeve so it’s a good ice breaker.

* Places you’d never move
Ask your date what top three places he or she would never move, even if that location had the job of their dreams. This is a good way to learn a little more about what your date does or does not like in general. You may find out some surprising facts about your date and also yourself when you have to answer the question.

things to talk about

Things to talk about with  a Friend or Family Member

The questions that you might ask a friend or family member are obviously going to be different than the ones that you would ask a date. However, whether it’s a friendship you’re trying to build or a family member that you don’t know well, it’s never a bad idea to have a few topics on hand. Use this list of questions to spark a conversation.

1. What’s the one job you could never do?
Most people have an idea of the career they definitely want and some that they could stand. However, everyone has a job that they could never do. Ask this question to learn a little more about a person in an interesting way.

2. What is your proudest moment or greatest achievement of your life?
You may already know the answer to this question, or you may find out something interesting by asking it. However, either way, it’s a good way to spark a conversation and you may want to make sure that you’ve considered what your answer is as well.

3. What was the last book you read?
Most people enjoy discussing literature and there are some great books out there today. Discuss what books you’ve read recently and why or why not you liked them. You’ll be having a good conversation and also getting in a book review at the same time.

4. What would you do if you just won a million dollars?
We all have probably thought about what we would do if we suddenly won the lottery, but everyone has a different answer to this question. Maybe you’d buy a boat and start sailing around the world or maybe you’d just pay off your college loans. No matter what, it’s always interesting to hear what others would do.

5. What would you choose for a superpower?
This is a great question for anyone who enjoys comic books or movies based on them. You’ve probably wished for some type of superpower to make your life easier, so make it a point to find out what another person’s would be. You can even go further this question and find out what their superhero name would be.

This is my things to talk about when I’m meeting a friend, or having  a date. If you have more things to add, don’t hesitate to let us know!



10 Things to talk about with a girl in a relationship

It is obvious that for a relationship to be exciting, fun and happy, both partners need to always add new things into it. There are several ways to assist a relationship grow closer, but nothing beats up communication between man and a women and more so a new relationship. And hence study reveals that a perfect communication in most cases starts with a man’s happy conversations.

So, as a man you should know the correct things to talk about with your woman/girlfriend to ensure that your relationship blooms into a better romance, and that your girlfriend will feel affection and love for with you too. Here are so of the topics a man should talk about with a girl in a relationship;

i. Things to talk about with a girl in a relationship

There may be moments when you feel like you lack what to talk or say to each other, particularly when both of you speak for more hours each day. But if you wish to say something very interesting, and ensure her feel more connected and close to you, here’s what you are required to keep in mind as a man.

ii. Talk about her friends, her interests and her family.

It is important to ask her about her family, friends and their lives, ensure you have long conversations about her interests also and those things she likes to do most when she’s got enough time on her hands. Talking with her about her interests will assist her see that you’re authentically interested in knowing all about her and her life in general.

Also, if the two of you do share particular hobbies, then the two of you will be in a position to bond even better with each other. However, if you do meet her family or friends sometime, you’d by then get know everything about them and will help in making all the right conversations with them besides charming them in the initial conversation.

iii. Talk about your future.

This means talking about both of your life, those things you plan to do, your aspiration and future goals and other things especially along that line. Women/girls always like a man who sees his future and go ahead to work towards it. You can be fun, spontaneous and live for a moment, but provided that you got a focused life, she’ll always be awed by the determination you have and will like you even more. This is an evolution thing. Men must have a subconscious requirement to hunt and protect, and women/girls on the other hand need to feel very secure and protect the young ones.

iv. Talk about both you and her views on life

It is true that all of us have got our own individual perspective about life. But again, we don’t fully share them with everybody in the world. So, by finding out more on and about her views on life, you’ll get understand her better and even know more about what she enjoy doing in future and more so her real goals in life are. As a man keep her close enough to you.

v. Discus about both your childhood and your past

Childhood memories are such memories that are full of fun to either talk about or listen to, particularly if it involves a funny or an embarrassing incident. Discus with her about your first crush, , the first time you got drunk, your good looking teacher or even the time you did something silly. It is at this point whereby your girlfriend will definitely take pleasure in and have a good laugh while spending time with you.

vi. Your life for the day

Commonly, it’s the women who talk more on and about their own day whereas guys just listen. Men never more often than not go into details unless they have something to nag about or they’re very comfortable with their girlfriend. It is obvious that the more you go into the little aspects about what you were before up to that day, the more alternatives you’ll have to build novel conversations and listen to some her views about it.

vii. Talk about your fears

Girls/women love a guy who is frank and open up and that he can talk about his fears. By talking openly about both your life’s dreams and your fears, you’ll have made your girlfriend to feel even closer to you because you’re disclosing your most vulnerable side to her. In that, in case something has upset you or something bothers you, be it your pal or something at work, converse about it with your girlfriend. This is one way she’ll absolutely be interested in it and love to assist you out too.

viii. Talk about your secrets.

Everybody loves a good secret. Do you have any amount of secrets that you don’t commonly tell whoever you meet? Then it is good to share that secret with her. This is because the secret will totally flatter her and make her realize that you trust her sufficient to share your top and deep secrets with. And definitely before realize it, she’ll also start sharing her secrets with you, and hence become much more intimate and close to you.

ix. Date ideas and Vacations

Talking about holidays and dates is always a fun time in any single man-woman relationship. A good number of us spend the entire year dreaming of the annual vacation, or spending a whole week scheduling and planning the next romantic date. These are the best items for a man to share and discuss it with a girl. She’ll enjoy and love talking about date ideas that concerns her, particularly which involves new restaurants, movies, and fun things to do jointly, be it seating and planning a vacation together or even coming up with new ideas on how to spend the whole of a weekend together.

x. Gossip about life

Every day gossip is one interesting thing to do, and she’ll be in a position to talk for a long time concerning things that are happening especially in her own life. Don’t be afraid to ask her about her work and her colleagues including everything else that happens during her work hours. It should be noted that talking about shows and movies on the television is one of the greatest gossip. If the two of you like enjoy the same shows and movies, the definitely you will have a lot of things and opinions to talk about for several hours on end.


Talking to a girlfriend is one of those things that appear pretty and complicated, but it does really involve a series of little rules of carefully picking it up, get down to it before proceeding in picking up a more rules. Conversation is like playing a game that you understand very well. Sooner or later, you feel like you can undertake everything, since you know all the important and different paths to winning a lady’s interest.

Care should also be practice in a conversation involving relationship. This is because girls like and enjoy some of the topics while the rest might be tedious. Therefore, prior to launching any longwinded stories, monologues, and tales or about any particular topic, find out if the woman at hand is interested.

Couple drinking coffee laughing in cafe

10 Things To Talk About With a Guy

So you like and feel close to this guy, but you are not sure where His heart is. You have a number of things that you want to talk to him about but each time you get the opportunity, he looks bored or disinterested in the topic you are talking about. Or maybe the words won’t just come out the way you want them to. Perhaps you in a relationship already with the guy but you think it is fading, conversations have become boring and stiff and each time you are together you desperately try to find conversation fillers on what topics he might like.

Furthermore it can also be a little bit harder, starting a conversation with ease when you barely know each other. Sometimes for a lady to even strike up a meaning conversation it might seem very awkward and you always want to avoid topics that will perhaps bore him and end up feeling silly. Do not let feeling a little awkward or shy hold you back from taking to him. From slightly serious matters to casual matters choose topics that will help build your relationship.

If you do not know him well, asking fun questions can be a good start to getting to know him. Deep into the conversation you can ask him about deeper issues that will in some way play a big role in solidifying a strong emotional bond between the two of you. Whether you have been seeing each other for a while or it is your first date, here are some ideas about the topics to talk about with the guy you like to help keep your conversations interesting and fresh.

1. Break the ice first

The hardest conversations for anyone to have with somebody you do not know well are always those first ones, because you are not sure of where to start from. You can start with the day to day stuff, like video games, his dressing or keep it random. Do not forget, How are you? Hey, whats up? They always work well when starting a conversation.

2. Talk about cars

Most guys like to talk about their cars at any chance they get. Automobiles is a trending topic for most men. They thrive on it. They might have dreams of owning one r already have one, whatever the case, it is an issue that is on their mind often. You do not need to be an expert in cars to engage in a meaningful conversation with him. Just get to know the basics it is a good foundation. When he tells you something about cars that you do not understand ask questions, it is a good way to keep the conversation going. This will make the guy know you like what he is talking about and will therefore open up more.

3. Sports Interests

Most men have interest in sports, so asking questions or talking about his favorite team or sport, is one way of getting him hooked. You can also ask him about which sport he plays. Get the guy to explain to rules for a specific sport that you do not understand and then have him take you out to watch it. What is a half,? What is a quarter? Terminology should be key. If you have interest in the same sport, try to debate him about the strength and weaknesses of one team against the other. Most guys love it when ladies express interest in what they like. If he is not into sports do not be shocked, some men aren’t.

4. Talk about shared Interests

If you have mutual interests, it is easier to start a conversation. So how do you get there? Ask him the following questions:

-What is your favorite movie?

-What is the most scary movie you have watched?

-Who is your favorite actress/actor?

– Do you like reading?

-Who is your the best hero – Percy Jackson, Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?

-Where is the most beautiful place you have been to?

-Do you cook

5. Show interest in what he does for living

Most guys love talking about what they do at their work place. This gives them a sense of belonging in “it’s a man’s world.” Yes of course girls are moving up too, but just give him time to feel free and talk, this will allow you to understand his feelings and mind better. Just in a similar way that women love talking about their work and how much they do not like their boss, men do this too. Guys too have problems at work that they would like to share. Engage with him in this conversation and show that you really care. He might have great ideas about securing their jobs or moving up. Just ask and listen Period!

6. Figure out what his perception is about other women

Talk to him about other women. How he responds will go a long way in helping you understand what he feels about you. Men not only enjoy a woman’s company but they also love engaging about women. It might be someone they have dated, someone they are dating or a woman they fantasize about. Though it might be uneasy for you to talk about other women, if you look at it from a completely different perspective, it will be very comfortable. Asking him questions about his perspective about women, will also give you a rough idea of what he thinks about women in general.

7. Do not forget sex

This is perhaps men’s number one trending topic. It is very unfair when women gather and talk about sex and it is regarded as sharing but when men discus sex it is seen as disgusting and crass. Nevertheless, it is a discussion guys love and they will never tire talking about it.

8. Talk about his favorite movies

This usually leads to the next date if talked about in an appealing way. You might not like his genre but most guys like talking about movies they have watched. A common misguided notion is that men like action and horror movies rather than comedies and romance. Although this is true to an extent, it is not what they all like or watch. Perhaps you can plan a date to watch each other’s genre and keep the conversation more fun and interesting.

9. Talk about money

Perhaps is the lack of it or its desire that makes it a trending topic for most men. Just like their jobs, money matters is an important discussion for most guys. This will make him bring out ideas about his objectives and his future plans.

10. Talk about the bands he likes to listen to

With talking to any guy, music is a sure win topic. From his favorite artist to the latest trending music, group or band music topics are many. Here you can agree to disagree as you keep the conversation going. You might like rap while his interest is in pop. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


Analyze how you feel when you talk to him. Are you excited and energized or distracted and bored? The key issue here is not only in finding topics to talk about, but enjoying his company. Being able to enjoy discussions with him as well as enjoying the silence in less exciting times is very important. If you like him and you not clicking at all, even after trying several techniques to strike up a conversation with him, this might be an indication that it is time for a deep soul searching and reevaluating your feelings.

5 signs it’s time to quit your job

Quitting a job has never been easy but sometimes it may be necessary for some true peace of mind. There’ll always be highs and lows in your chosen career-line, however if the negatives outweigh what’s good then you might as well just pack and leave. Here are the 5 signs it’s time to quit your job.


1. Underpayment

If during an innocent chat with colleagues you discover that they earn more cash than you, despite being at the same level of expertise and working just as hard as them, it’s clearly time to move on to another company which treats all its employees equally. Moreover, if promotions are being given to people who just started working recently and you’ve been with the firm for many years with nothing forthcoming then it’s a clear indication that you are not valued there.

2. Your boss is nagging narcissist

Sometimes the boss can be a ridiculous micro-manager. Or passes most of his/her work to you without your consent or remuneration. In most cases employees and their employers don’t usually get along, however if the boss continuously pushes your buttons and is openly rude towards you in front of other people then start checking-out the job ads. Moreover, when you’re transitioning to a new position or career transition, you may find that there are some unglamorous positions set aside for you being a newbie. In such circumstances, it’s advisable to keep the big picture of being promoted later on in mind but if it becomes too much just quit.

3. You do not fit in

Cultural adaptability is one of the key factors when it comes to choosing the correct job. You may have all the proper qualifications, however if you do not fit into the team then chances are that you won’t be fruitful after all. Take into consideration your core values as well as the ideal working environment according to you, including factors such as leadership style, communication style and so on. If these factors aren’t conducive then it may be time to move over to a team which fulfills them as per your expectations. When bothered by feelings of being continuously depressed at work, overly stressed on Sunday nights, or eating/sleeping habits have affected then it’s time to throw in the towel.

4. You’re no longer challenged

When no longer learning new things or growing as per your role in the organization, and tasks have become too easy and monotonous then reconsider your options. Nevertheless, before making a final decision find out whether there are any other opportunities at the same organization, or additional responsibilities that can be taken so as to develop professionally. If such opportunities are nonexistent and you’re not passionate about the task anymore then look for opportunities elsewhere.Sometimes when one starts a job, there are limitless possibilities to take advantage of but after a couple of months the same tasks can be completed in just a few minutes. Even after asking around for something more challenging, there aren’t any opportunities forthcoming for promotions or at least a title change. If the job doesn’t challenge and inspire you positively by utilizing your skills and talents, do yourself a favor and quit.

5. The company is not stable and shows signs of falling in the near future

A firm that is not doing well often reverts to downsizing as a way of managing its expenses, if these layoffs become too much then it means things are not improving anytime soon. In such work environments employees are usually demotivated and keep thinking if the next round of retrenchment will hit them. You can easily save yourself some slack by quitting before it becomes too late. Nonetheless, note that it’s always easier to land yourself a job when already holding one than when having none completely.

Therefore, before handing in a quitting letter try to secure a new employment first. Thanks to internet and mobile technology, it’s nowadays easier than before to jobs in any field that one is interested in. There are even apps that are dedicated towards alerting users on all new opportunities that have been posted up by companies. These are the top 5 signs it’s time to quit your job, though there are others that could equally fit if the list were larger. In addition, people respond differently to environmental factors at the workplace based on their individual personalities. For instance, some people don’t like working under pressure and would quit while others actually love it.


What is Alexandria’s Genesis


There has been a lot of debate about the existence of Alexandria’s Genesis. According to the scientific community, this condition might be a legend since there is nobody living with it today. However, there is evidence that it might have existed in the past. This has caused speculation on whether Alexandria’s Genesis is real or just a myth.

What is Alexandria’s Genesis and its origin?

Alexandria’s Genesis is also known as purple or violet eyes. It is a condition that causes the eyes to turn purple or violet and pale skin. It is believed to be a gene mutation that manifests itself through the eyes. The eyes color change from blue to purple or violet within six months after birth and a deeper shade of purple or royal blue at puberty. However, this change in eye color does not affect a person’s ability to see.

It is said to have originated over 1000 years ago in Egypt. The first case was reported in 1329 in England when a girl named Alexandria was born with purple eyes. She later had two daughters who exhibited the same traits and lived over 100 years.

Features of Alexandria’s Genesis

Apart from the change in eye color, Alexandria’s Genesis has other features. They include; white shimmering skin that is immune to tanning and burning. Moreover, people with this condition are said never to grow anal, facial body and pubic hair. They only grow hair on the head, noses, ears, eyelashes and eyebrows. Women with the condition do not menstruate but are fertile and can conceive like normal women. Alexandria’s Genesis mainly affects women with blue or black hair, and they live up to 130 to 150 years. Additionally, women with this condition do not put on weight, have great body figure regardless of how much they eat, they stop aging when they hit 50 years and are immune to a variety of diseases thus, they rarely fall ill. Alexandria’s is believed to affect interracial children with multiple genes and Caucasians.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis a Fact or Myth?

Stories of Alexandria’s Genesis have existed for many years meaning that it might be a fact. There are claims that Alexandria’s Genesis disorder is the only way a person can develop purple or violet eyes. Scientifically, there are gene mutations that cause short life spans in children. They age very fast and may die younger than usual. Therefore, an opposite condition would be very possible. In addition, there are various races that have high functioning immune system. Therefore, they may possess a gene mutation that limits how often they fall ill. A person with a high metabolism does not put on weight easily regardless of how much they eat.

On the other hand, the traits portrayed in Alexandria’s Genesis are too far apart to be from a single gene mutation. Meaning that, they have to stem from many genes that are unrelated. Some of the features associated with this condition are impossible psychologically. They include;

– Longer life spans: a person with this condition is said to live past 130 years. However, this is quite impossible since the longest living person died at the age of 122 years.

– Fertility without having periods: it is not biologically possible not to menstruate yet be fertile. However, some animals have an estrous cycle where instead of being expelled, the uterus lining is reabsorbed. Nonetheless, a human body would require more than a single gene mutation for this to happen.

– High metabolism that burns everything efficiently thus, little to no waste is produced. If this were the case, such people would have high temperature since the energy produced when the calories are burnt has to go somewhere. Any person who does not produce waste would undoubtedly die due to toxic build up in the body.

– Burn resistant and pale skin. Melanin is the only thing that protects the skin from sun burns. Melanin makes the skin darker. The darker the skin, the more burn resistant it would be.


Genetic mutations that cause people to have different traits and body variations are possible. Genetic mutations lead to lighter skin, exceptional health, different eye colors, longer and shorter life spans. Therefore, it is not farfetched to conclude that Alexandria’s Genesis is a result of gene mutation that offers exceptional health, life and beauty to its recipients.