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10 Things To Talk About With a Guy

So you like and feel close to this guy, but you are not sure where His heart is. You have a number of things that you want to talk to him about but each time you get the opportunity, he looks bored or disinterested in the topic you are talking about. Or maybe the words won’t just come out the way you want them to. Perhaps you in a relationship already with the guy but you think it is fading, conversations have become boring and stiff and each time you are together you desperately try to find conversation fillers on what topics he might like.

Furthermore, it can also be a little bit harder, starting a conversation with ease when you barely know each other. Sometimes for a lady to even strike up a meaningful conversation it might seem very awkward and you always want to avoid topics that will perhaps bore him and end up feeling silly. Do not let feeling a little awkward or shy hold you back from talking to him. From slightly serious matters to casual matters choose topics that will help build your relationship.

If you do not know him well, asking fun questions can be a good start to getting to know him. Deep into the conversation, you can ask him about deeper issues that will in some way play a big role in solidifying a strong emotional bond between the two of you. Whether you have been seeing each other for a while or it is your first date, here are some ideas about the topics to talk about with the guy you like to help keep your conversations interesting and fresh.

1. Break the ice first

The hardest conversations for anyone to have with somebody you do not know well are always those first ones, because you are not sure of where to start from. You can start with the day to day stuff, like video games, his dressing or keep it random. Do not forget, How are you? Hey, what’s up? They always work well when starting a conversation.

2. Talk about cars

Most guys like to talk about their cars at any chance they get. The automobile is a trending topic for most men. They thrive on it. They might have dreams of owning one r already have one, whatever the case, it is an issue that is on their mind often. You do not need to be an expert in cars to engage in a meaningful conversation with him. Just get to know the basics it is a good foundation. When he tells you something about cars that you do not understand ask questions, it is a good way to keep the conversation going. This will make the guy know you like what he is talking about and will therefore open up more.

3. Sports Interests

Most men have an interest in sports, so asking questions or talking about their favorite team or sport, is one way of getting him hooked. You can also ask him about which sport he plays. Get the guy to explain to rules for a specific sport that you do not understand and then have him take you out to watch it. What is a half,? What is a quarter? Terminology should be key. If you have an interest in the same sport, try to debate him about the strength and weaknesses of one team against the other. Most guys love it when ladies express interest in what they like. If he is not into sports do not be shocked, some men aren’t.

4. Talk about shared Interests

If you have mutual interests, it is easier to start a conversation. So how do you get there? Ask him the following questions:

-What is your favorite movie?

-What is the most scary movie you have watched?

-Who is your favorite actress/actor?

– Do you like reading?

-Who is your best hero – Percy Jackson, Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?

-Where is the most beautiful place you have been to?

-Do you cook

5. Show interest in what he does for a living

Most guys love talking about what they do at their workplace. This gives them a sense of belonging in “it’s a man’s world.” Yes of course girls are moving up too, but just give him time to feel free and talk, this will allow you to understand his feelings and mind better. Just in a similar way that women love talking about their work and how much they do not like their boss, men do this too. Guys too have problems at work that they would like to share. Engage with him in this conversation and show that you really care. He might have great ideas about securing their jobs or moving up. Just ask and listen Period!

6. Figure out what his perception is about other women

Talk to him about other women. How he responds will go a long way in helping you understand what he feels about you. Men not only enjoy a woman’s company but they also love engaging about women. It might be someone they have dated, someone they are dating or a woman they fantasize about. Though it might be uneasy for you to talk about other women, if you look at it from a completely different perspective, it will be very comfortable. Asking him questions about his perspective about women will also give you a rough idea of what he thinks about women in general.

7. Do not forget sex

This is perhaps men’s number one trending topic. It is very unfair when women gather and talk about sex and it is regarded as sharing but when men discuss sex it is seen as disgusting and crass. Nevertheless, it is a discussion guys love and they will never tire of talking about it.

8. Talk about his favorite movies

This usually leads to the next date if talked about in an appealing way. You might not like his genre but most guys like talking about movies they have watched. A common misguided notion is that men like action and horror movies rather than comedies and romance. Although this is true to an extent, it is not what they all like or watches. Perhaps you can plan a date to watch each other’s genre and keep the conversation more fun and interesting.

9. Talk about money

Perhaps is the lack of it or its desire that makes it a trending topic for most men. Just like their jobs, money matter is an important discussion for most guys. This will make him bring out ideas about his objectives and his future plans.

10. Talk about the bands he likes to listen to

With talking to any guy, music is a sure win topic. From his favorite artist to the latest trending music, group or band music topics are many. Here you can agree to disagree as you keep the conversation going. You might like rap while his interest is in pop. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


Analyze how you feel when you talk to him. Are you excited and energized or distracted and bored? The key issue here is not only in finding topics to talk about, but enjoying his company. Being able to enjoy discussions with him as well as enjoying the silence in less exciting times is very important. If you like him and you not clicking at all, even after trying several techniques to strike up a conversation with him, this might be an indication that it is time for a deep soul searching and reevaluating your feelings.