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5 signs it’s time to quit your job

Quitting a job has never been easy but sometimes it may be necessary for some true peace of mind. There’ll always be highs and lows in your chosen career-line, however if the negatives outweigh what’s good then you might as well just pack and leave. Here are the 5 signs it’s time to quit your job.


1. Underpayment

If during an innocent chat with colleagues you discover that they earn more cash than you, despite being at the same level of expertise and working just as hard as them, it’s clearly time to move on to another company which treats all its employees equally. Moreover, if promotions are being given to people who just started working recently and you’ve been with the firm for many years with nothing forthcoming then it’s a clear indication that you are not valued there.

2. Your boss is nagging narcissist

Sometimes the boss can be a ridiculous micro-manager. Or passes most of his/her work to you without your consent or remuneration. In most cases employees and their employers don’t usually get along, however if the boss continuously pushes your buttons and is openly rude towards you in front of other people then start checking-out the job ads. Moreover, when you’re transitioning to a new position or career transition, you may find that there are some unglamorous positions set aside for you being a newbie. In such circumstances, it’s advisable to keep the big picture of being promoted later on in mind but if it becomes too much just quit.

3. You do not fit in

Cultural adaptability is one of the key factors when it comes to choosing the correct job. You may have all the proper qualifications, however if you do not fit into the team then chances are that you won’t be fruitful after all. Take into consideration your core values as well as the ideal working environment according to you, including factors such as leadership style, communication style and so on. If these factors aren’t conducive then it may be time to move over to a team which fulfills them as per your expectations. When bothered by feelings of being continuously depressed at work, overly stressed on Sunday nights, or eating/sleeping habits have affected then it’s time to throw in the towel.

4. You’re no longer challenged

When no longer learning new things or growing as per your role in the organization, and tasks have become too easy and monotonous then reconsider your options. Nevertheless, before making a final decision find out whether there are any other opportunities at the same organization, or additional responsibilities that can be taken so as to develop professionally. If such opportunities are nonexistent and you’re not passionate about the task anymore then look for opportunities elsewhere.Sometimes when one starts a job, there are limitless possibilities to take advantage of but after a couple of months the same tasks can be completed in just a few minutes. Even after asking around for something more challenging, there aren’t any opportunities forthcoming for promotions or at least a title change. If the job doesn’t challenge and inspire you positively by utilizing your skills and talents, do yourself a favor and quit.

5. The company is not stable and shows signs of falling in the near future

A firm that is not doing well often reverts to downsizing as a way of managing its expenses, if these layoffs become too much then it means things are not improving anytime soon. In such work environments employees are usually demotivated and keep thinking if the next round of retrenchment will hit them. You can easily save yourself some slack by quitting before it becomes too late. Nonetheless, note that it’s always easier to land yourself a job when already holding one than when having none completely.

Therefore, before handing in a quitting letter try to secure a new employment first. Thanks to internet and mobile technology, it’s nowadays easier than before to jobs in any field that one is interested in. There are even apps that are dedicated towards alerting users on all new opportunities that have been posted up by companies. These are the top 5 signs it’s time to quit your job, though there are others that could equally fit if the list were larger. In addition, people respond differently to environmental factors at the workplace based on their individual personalities. For instance, some people don’t like working under pressure and would quit while others actually love it.