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6 Reasons why marriage is a complete waste of time

Marriage is a big step and a huge commitment to make, and as divorce rates only continue to rise, there is a growing number of people that are choosing not to get married at all. If you’re wondering whether you should really get married or not, perhaps it isn’t for you. Here are 6 reasons why not to get married:

Personal Neglect

There are many studies that are both suggesting and showing the negative results that marriage can play on your health. For both men and women, there is an ever-growing trend to gain weight after they are married more so than when they are single. This could be related to many things, including increased stress that comes with the growing responsibilities of being a married couple.

Added Responsibilities

There is definitely much more freedom when you are single than married. When you’re married, and especially if/when you have kids, there are much more responsibilities to be aware of. From keeping track of everyone’s doctor’s appointments, dentals, insurance paperwork, and many other aspects of life, it can quickly turn into a sea of paperwork if you’re not careful. This reason alone is justification for putting off or completely annulling this life event.

Loss of Excitement

When you are dating, there is much more excitement and fun. From the late night calls to anxiously waiting for your next date, there is a lot of anticipation in this phase than there is in marriage. The reason for this is that marriage brings with it expected routines, and being around each other a lot more as well. If you’re not sure if this kind of life is what you want, marriage may not be the best decision for you and your significant other.

It’s Expensive

Both marriage and divorce can be expensive procedures, and really, why would you want to shell out the kind of money that it will take to go through a formal wedding with all the bells and whistles, only to be divorced a few years later? There’s no reason to put this kind of investment into something if you don’t believe that marriage is the best decision for you.

Financial Pressures

The number one reason for divorces is linked to money problems. Money can be your worst enemy once you’re married because it becomes a matter of he said, she said and then you find yourselves on the brink of divorce from all of the arguments and the words that have been said over it. By staying single, this is one less thing you need to worry about and you can continue to enjoy your current lifestyle in freedom.

Overly Dependent on Each Other

Last but not least, a great reason not to get married is that the individuals that get married are no longer independent from each other. Of course, marriage can be considered a partnership, but this kind of behavior is definitely something you want to avoid and stay away from. This over-dependence can result in the loss of other friendships and the general lack of social interaction for you and your spouse. By choosing to stay single, you don’t need to worry about feeling that you are losing your personal identity and you can keep all of your friends just as you are now.

Marriage can be a great decision for some, but for an increased number of people, this big life decision is simply not worth it. From the financial pressures and growing stress to all of the drastic changes that you would be undertaking, it’s no wonder that marriage is declining and divorce is on the rise. Better to save yourself all of this trouble, and continue living your life with your significant other unmarried or as a happy single person.