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7 Gifts That Show Your Wife How much you love her

When it comes to showing your significant other how much you love and appreciate them, there is no reason to wait for a holiday or a special occasion. Your wife is there for you every day as your support system and partner, so why not show her how much you love her with random, yet meaningful, gifts?

Here are 7 thoughtful gifts that will let your wife know how special she is and that you love her without saying a word.

7 Must-Have Gifts to Give Your Wife for Any Occasion – Creative, romantic artwork.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful work of art? Luckily for you, artwork, when done right, is the perfect gift for any woman. From a framed portrait of your family to a pewter sculpture of abstract art, you can find just about anything in your loved one’s style.

This serves a dual purpose – you give her a gift that shows you care and it also tells her that you pay attention to her tastes and know what she likes.

It’s important to find something that matches your home’s decor, though. If you have a rustic living room and buy contemporary modern art with vivid splashes of color that just doesn’t synch with what you already have, she’ll probably store it away with everything else that can’t be used but she doesn’t want to discard.

1. Engraved jewelry

Since humanity began, jewelry has always been a favorite way to show that you care about someone. The humble beginnings of rocks and bone turned into accessories led to diamonds and other gems the size of large rocks worn on her fingers.

Today, though, there’s a compromise. You can have gorgeous, elegant jewelry at a reasonable cost and have it engraved to show the effort that you made in choosing her gift.

2. Fine jewelry.

Until recently, the only way to find fine jewelry was to take out a loan financing your arm, leg, and firstborn child. Today’s fine jewelry, on the other hand, has been created with scientific innovations combining quality with affordability.

If she likes chunky costume jewelry worn in vivid colors, there are plenty of options. If she prefers her jewelry to be subtle and simple, you can find those, too. Small, dainty necklaces, bracelets, and anklets show you love her, and big, loud bangles and triple layered chains show you know how much she loves to be fun when she accessorizes.

Reasonably priced jewelry that can be flaunted boldly or worn elegantly is available without sacrificing quality. Whatever her style, find the perfect necklace for your wife as a must-have gift that will be enjoyed all year long.

3. Random special deliveries.

Flowers are always nice, of course, but if you want to kick it up, have something different delivered to your wife. There are monthly subscription boxes that you can sign up for if you don’t want to think too hard, but those aren’t always tailored specifically to your wife.

You can have custom gift baskets created and delivered to her work or your home to surprise her in the middle of a mundane or stressful day. Cater to her tastes, though. She may truly love a meat and cheese basket, or she might prefer a lovely floral arrangement.

Edible fruit baskets shaped like flowers are a delight and please the health-conscious woman. For the chocoholics, you can send a bouquet of candy bars and hot chocolates, and coffee addicts will love a gourmet coffee gift basket. The options are endless.

4. Keepsake notes.

Not everyone is a romantic poet or a William Shakespeare at heart. If you are, great! Write your wife sweet poetry or love letters once in a while to speak to her inner romantic.

If you aren’t, though, have no fear! There are plenty of companies that will create the sonnets for you and all you have to do is read them over a romantic candlelit dinner. Or just slide them under her pillow, whichever works for you.

5. Photo keepsakes.

It’s a digital world, for sure. That means that most of us leave all of our favorite pictures on our phone instead of getting them printed into photo albums, making photo keepsakes even more special.

Today you can have your favorite photos printed and displayed proudly on throw pillows, coffee table coasters, mugs, and even her cell phone cover. For an added touch, have a romantic saying or your special phrase written in beautiful calligraphy over the photo before it is printed.

6. Spa experiences at home.

You may be tempted to send your wife out for a pampering spa day with a gift certificate, but where is the effort in that? If she’s a busy woman, she’ll put off going until deadline after the deadline is met, let the gift certificate expire in the meantime.

To prevent this and still let her be pampered, get her everything she needs for a spa experience at home. Send the kids off to a friend’s house or their grandparents’, where they’ll be loved and have a good time. Schedule a day or weekend off for both of you, and bring out the assortment of goodies that show you prepared ahead.

Creamy lotions for a massage and foot rub, exfoliants, facial masks, and a luxury shampoo and conditioner along with a soft robe are a great way to begin, and you’ll end up spending about the same or less as you would have with a gift certificate to a spa. For this, though, you’ll indulge your wife’s desire to be pampered by doing the work yourself!

7. For Everything, She Does for You, Do Something for Her

In most families, the wife is the glue that holds everything together. The go-to person when you can’t find your keys or your shoes (even though you probably didn’t really look). The catch-all when someone else didn’t do their job.

She’s pretty amazing, and you are lucky to have her. When you want to show her your love, do it with one of these 7 gifts that tell her you to love and appreciate her so much.