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What is Alexandria’s Genesis

There has been a lot of debate about the existence of Alexandria’s Genesis. According to the scientific community, this condition might be a legend since there is nobody living with it today. However, there is evidence that it might have existed in the past. This has caused speculation on whether Alexandria’s Genesis is real or just a myth.

What is Alexandria’s Genesis and its origin?

Alexandria’s Genesis is also known as purple or violet eyes. It is a condition that causes the eyes to turn purple or violet and pale skin. It is believed to be a gene mutation that manifests itself through the eyes. The eyes color change from blue to purple or violet within six months after birth and a deeper shade of purple or royal blue at puberty. However, this change in eye color does not affect a person’s ability to see.

It is said to have originated over 1000 years ago in Egypt. The first case was reported in 1329 in England when a girl named Alexandria was born with purple eyes. She later had two daughters who exhibited the same traits and lived over 100 years.

Features of Alexandria’s Genesis

Apart from the change in eye color, Alexandria’s Genesis has other features. They include; white shimmering skin that is immune to tanning and burning. Moreover, people with this condition are said never to grow anal, facial body and pubic hair. They only grow hair on the head, noses, ears, eyelashes and eyebrows. Women with the condition do not menstruate but are fertile and can conceive like normal women. Alexandria’s Genesis mainly affects women with blue or black hair, and they live up to 130 to 150 years. Additionally, women with this condition do not put on weight, have great body figure regardless of how much they eat, they stop aging when they hit 50 years and are immune to a variety of diseases thus, they rarely fall ill. Alexandria’s is believed to affect interracial children with multiple genes and Caucasians.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis a Fact or Myth?

Stories of Alexandria’s Genesis have existed for many years meaning that it might be a fact. There are claims that Alexandria’s Genesis disorder is the only way a person can develop purple or violet eyes. Scientifically, there are gene mutations that cause short life spans in children. They age very fast and may die younger than usual. Therefore, an opposite condition would be very possible. In addition, there are various races that have high functioning immune system. Therefore, they may possess a gene mutation that limits how often they fall ill. A person with a high metabolism does not put on weight easily regardless of how much they eat.

On the other hand, the traits portrayed in Alexandria’s Genesis are too far apart to be from a single gene mutation. Meaning that, they have to stem from many genes that are unrelated. Some of the features associated with this condition are impossible psychologically. They include;

– Longer life spans: a person with this condition is said to live past 130 years. However, this is quite impossible since the longest living person died at the age of 122 years.

– Fertility without having periods: it is not biologically possible not to menstruate yet be fertile. However, some animals have an estrous cycle where instead of being expelled, the uterus lining is reabsorbed. Nonetheless, a human body would require more than a single gene mutation for this to happen.

– High metabolism that burns everything efficiently thus, little to no waste is produced. If this were the case, such people would have high temperature since the energy produced when the calories are burnt has to go somewhere. Any person who does not produce waste would undoubtedly die due to toxic build up in the body.

– Burn resistant and pale skin. Melanin is the only thing that protects the skin from sun burns. Melanin makes the skin darker. The darker the skin, the more burn resistant it would be.


Genetic mutations that cause people to have different traits and body variations are possible. Genetic mutations lead to lighter skin, exceptional health, different eye colors, longer and shorter life spans. Therefore, it is not farfetched to conclude that Alexandria’s Genesis is a result of gene mutation that offers exceptional health, life and beauty to its recipients.

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