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What are the best basketball shoes? Top 5 Brands

basketball shoes

Looking for the best 5 outstanding 2018 basketball shoes? Then make a perfect choice by purchasing any of the following basketball brands (taken from


Nike kyrie 4 has a multi-directional herringbone which doesn’t affect or break ankles at any moment. Additionally they offer enough support to the ankle. The middle sole doesn’t cradle an extra credit to this brand. Also, the internal heel counter at the rear supports the heel and keeps it atop the foot bed without sliding over. There is enough cushion hence offering fantastic fit as well as adequate support. The mid sole upfront is wide and sits low hence acting like an outrigger, a big bonus to this basketball shoe .


The cushion of this brand is the best that you can find in any other shoes. Its aggressive pattern which is multi directional allows one to work well with the exerted pressure. Additionally its grooves are widely spaced making it difficult for clogging to occur. .Its cushion is designed in such a way that its highly supportive, light as well as stable. The Zoom Air adds a nice spring to every step of your stride. In addition, it’s always durable as well as comfortable. With such qualities Nick pg 2 proves to be the perfect brand for any basketball player to ignore.


Adidas dame 4 shoes has a traction that is aggressive and in turn provides coverage in multiple directions.The cushion is quite lower to the ground hence providing less bounce in the fore foot. Adidas dame 4 material are made of mesh which allows better air flow . Additionally such a brand offers enough support in that the mid sole wraps up around the foot ensuring foot remains in the foot bed where it belongs. The dame remains to be the best signature that you can spent your money on.


The Li-ning way of wade 6 provides the best traction. Its cushion is amazingly fantastic and the best of all. Cushion in the heel works excellently hence providing the support that any basket ball player needs .In terms of its materials, the glue stuck in certain areas strengthen it. Again its mid foot strap is built into the mid sole ensuring that one stays on the foot bed of the shoe at all times irrespective of the movements .Moreover it provides firm support. If you decide not to try out Way of Wade 6 then you are missing a lot in your pitch.


It traction is the best as it provides a firm grip. Yet again, it provides great stability as well as cushion. The fuse materials in the Jordan why not zero.1 allows flexibility while still retaining strength and durability. The mid soles, out soles and the perfect fit all add into the support as well as stability qualifying it as a fantastic shoe. It also has a great heel counter that stabilizes the heel on the foot bed hence provides more support .The mid soles, out soles and the perfect fit all add into the support as well as stability qualifying it as a fantastic shoe.