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The Best Dog Ramps for Cars, SUVs and Trucks in 2018

Getting a ramp for your dog is the best thing you can ever do for your small friends. Dog ramps are so important for dogs especially if they are aging or have arthritis or any other foot deformities. With a wide range of dog ramps in the market, it has become more difficult to figure out the best dog ramps for your dogs, because most of them look almost the same. From the many ramps collected, we came up with the top 5 dog ramps in the market currently that you should select for your dogs. These are the ones to go for if you are desiring to buy one,

#1. The Solvit Telescoping Pet Ramp

The petsafe deluxe pet rump is our number one. It is a good one for heavy dogs because it is strong and long. Larger dogs usually have a problem using small rumps but when it comes to this one, larger dogs have no problem using it because it is longer.
-This ramp only weighs 18 pounds meaning that you can carry it with you in your car.
-It can also support the weight of up to 300 pounds.
-It is made up of a combination of aluminum and plastic making it more durable. This is why it is regarded as one of the best dog ramps in the market currently.

#2. The Pet Gear (Tri-Fold Dog Ramp)

This is the second best rump in the market. It goes by the name, trifold rump meaning that it can be easily folded into two pieces and carried to any place with you. It has 3 foldable pieces which combine to form 2 foldable pieces. One advantage about its foldable nature is that it is very easy to use and requires only a little space.
-It’s also designed with a lip that fits perfectly at the back of your car making easier for your dog to move into the car.
-It can hold about 200 pounds of dog weight
-It also has a set of wheels that pop up once you fold it up making it easier to move around with it.

#3. Pals and Paws Dog Ramp

This ramp is so unique as it comes from paws and pals. It can be folded into smaller pieces making it easier to carry. It is very long enabling your pet to climb up and down with ease. It can be easily fitted into a truck or cargo thus you can carry it while traveling. Other features include;
-Having lips that can fit at the end of the track.
-supports about 300 pounds.

#4. The Pet Gear Lite Ramp

If you love traveling and you want to carry your dog with you, then this type of rump is best to take with you. This is to the fact that it is the longest ramp on this list. You can easily place it at the opening of your rare door and allow your, small friend, to enter the vehicle with ease. Other special features include;
-A soft ramp that protects the dog paws.
-It can be used on minivans and cars.
-Supports the weight of about 200 pounds.

#5. Adjustable Pet Rump

This is a small rump, but very useful as you can adjust it with ease. Because of its small size, it only allows your dog to climb up to a height of 2 to 3 feet. It can be stored anywhere and it’s also portable and you can carry it to any place you’re going. This ramp weighs only a few pounds and it’s recommended that you buy it for your small dogs.

In conclusion, as a buyer, it is always important to know what is best for your dog. You should know how many pounds does your dog has, its weaknesses as well as how it reacts to ramps. This will help you select the best ramp for you dog.