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Top 5 Best Spin bikes for 2019

Losing weight is everyone’s dream. Nobody wants to fatten up and will always dream of a slim body. With so many ways of losing weight, such as morning runs and dieting which are effective, we also have the spin bikes. Spin bikes are so important in today’s world especially in sports and homes in general. Spin bikes have taken over and getting the right one for yourself is becoming even more difficult. There are important factors that you as a buyer should consider such as quality, price, functionality among others. With so many different types of spin bikes, here are the top 5 best spin bikes to buy in 2019;

1. Peloton

This is the best spin bike overall! Well, if you love that endless adrenaline pumping through your veins, then the peloton is the best spin bike for you. The bike has a sweat-proof touchscreen which you can use for streaming live classes. Also, you can use it for checking over 5000 different workouts.The bike has an overall smooth ride, a knob which allows you to adjust to a level of resistance. The bike is set up manually by a team of professionals in your home, which prevents you from fumbling through instructions.

2. PRO Gear 100s Bike

When you love budgeting, this is the bike to go for as it is really affordable and saves on your money. This exercise bike special features include-22-pound flywheel-LCD computer displaying distance, speed, calories burned, time, pulse-Has a water bottle holder for you

3. The Keiser M3i Indoor Bike

This is a classy bike and if you love spending your money extravagantly, then this is the best bike to go for. The bike had special features that are really admirable. They include;-Bluetooth enabled bike, which is able to pare with a certain heart rate- A 3d virtual training system-Magnetic resistance system which gives it a smooth ride-A quiet ride, and is perfect if you do not want to disturb your roommates.

4. Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bike

For those who love comfort, this is the best bike you can ever go for. This bike is adjustable and allows you to adjust the bike to the best love that you want. The handlebars usually move up and down while the leather pad seat moves in all directions, where you can simply twist the knob and move in directions you want.Guys owning Sunny Health and fitness indoor bike claim it’s the best ever and they get effective results.

5. The Bladez Fitness Master(Indoor cycle trainer)

Well, if you love looking professional or want to go professionally, then choose this bike. Most footballers, athletes use this type of spin bike. Some of its features include;-Has a heavy flywheel about 45 pounds-A top magnetic resistance which makes it easier for you to move while riding.-An LCD screen which displays how many calories you have burned.
These are the topspin bikes you can ever buy in the coming years, especially in 2019. These bikes are trending in the market and if you are thinking of getting, one, consider buying