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Top 5 Best Work Boots for 2018 [Updated September 2018]

The importance of a work boot is rather obvious for people who work in hazardous or dangerous environments. What is not obvious is, which of the many work boot options available is perfect for you. Finding the right pair of work boots is a bit more complicated than wearing one. The fact that new models are produced every year does not make things easier. So, which are the best work boots of 2018?

Here are the top 5 Work Boots for 2018!

1. Wolverine Men’s Raider 6″ Contour Welt Boot

The Men’s Raider 6inch Contour Welt Boot offers the perfect balance between comfort and toughness. Crafted by one of the most reputed boot makers in the US, this boot is loved by many, and for good reasons.

With a leather upper and a rubber sole, the boot can withstand almost anything. For work environment purposes the outsole is oil and abrasion resistant. In addition, the inside of the boot features a mesh lining that helps with moisture management. Thus, not only is the boot tough but it is also comfortable.

For added comfort, it also features a cushioned collar and a Multishox comfort system. All these features combine to offer unrivaled comfort when worn. In a nutshell, the exterior of the boot is designed to be tough while the interior is designed for maximum comfort.

2. Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar is a company that is synonymous with the production of heavy-duty equipment for tough environments. And the company’s range of work boots are no exception. One of the company’s best-selling boots is the Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof steel-toe boot.

One of the reasons why it is a best-seller is its safety features. Built to be used in hazardous and potentially dangerous environments the boot features a steel toe. The latter toe exceeds ASTM standards for electrical hazard protection. Inside, the boot has 200 grams of Thinsulate that keep your feet warm in cold temperatures. For warm temperatures, the boot has a nylon mesh lining that keeps your feet dry at all times.

In addition to the nylon mesh, the inside of the boot also boasts a removable Eva insole with gel technology. This hi-tech insole provides shock absorption and comfort. For support, there is a steel shank. Also, there are specific contours incorporated into the shoe that mold and support your feet.

Tailored from premium quality leather this work boot is 100% waterproof. In essence, the boot can be used in virtually any environment. Also, thanks to its leather upper and rubber sole it is durable and will serve you for a very long time.

3. Timberland PRO Men’s 26078 Titan 6″ Waterproof Work Boot

Very few boots let alone work boots can claim to be more comfortable than the Timberland Pro 2607 Titan work boots. These boots are the perfect blend of comfort and toughness thanks to the soft full grain leather used to make them.

The soft full grain leather that Timberland opted for translates to a quicker break-in period. Unlike other boots that will require some getting used to, these boots are good to go from day one of wearing them. Thus, you do not have to worry about painful new shoe blisters.

Comfort is not the only thing that the soft full grain leather offers though. This leather is waterproof. On the other hand, the sole on this boots is made of rubber and is slip, oil and abrasion resistant. When it comes to the protection of the toes you have a selection of soft toe, steel toe, alloy toe, and composite toe.

A polyurethane incorporated midsole provides support and comfort when walking. Combine this with the antimicrobial treatment and you have a boot that is safe on the inside and outside. Lastly, the boot is one of the lightest boots out there.

4. Keen Utility Men’s Tacoma Steel Toe

One of the most technologically advanced work boots available today is the Keen Utility men’s Tacoma steel toe boot. This boot has been specially crafted with people who work in tough environments in mind.

Constructed from Banayrd proof leather the boot is chemical resistant. Meaning that it can protect your feet from all kinds of chemicals and even animal waste. Another innovation that gives it an edge is the clean sports NXT. Popularized by hockey players, this technology neutralizes the odor that emanates from sweaty feet. Using microbes, this technology neutralizes sweat when your feet start sweating.

The keen dry mesh keeps water from entering your boot while at the same time is breathable for water to go out. In regards to safety, Keen opted for a puncture-resistant Lenzi board instead of a steel plate. The LENZI board keeps your feet protected from sharp objects. On the other hand, a TPU shank offers you support and stability while walking.

A removable dual-density Eva mid-sole adds an added layer of support and comfort. These boots are packed with a ton of useful and innovative features. Also, they are lightweight and very tough.

5. Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel Toe Work Boot

There is a reason why the Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss work boots appear on Amazon’s list of bestsellers. Comfortable, long-lasting, tough; these are some of the words that can be used to describe the Pitboss steel toe work boots.

As their name suggests the boots come with a steel toe that is crafted to meet all of ANSI’s safety standards. This is in addition to offering electrical hazard protection. Nubuck leather is the material that Timberland settled on when constructing this boot. The Polyurethane midsole and the nylon shocking plate combine to absorb shock and provide support. The outsole is resistant to abrasion, oil, slipping and even heat.

Similar to all other Timberland products, this boot is designed to last. It is not surprising for people to wear this for even four years. The durability of this boot can be attributed to the Goodyear welt that Timberland adopted when connecting the outsole and the leather boot. Thus, while it is not waterproof, it does offer sufficient protection. Furthermore, it has antimicrobial properties that prevent odor.