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What is a Brailizian wax


Brazilian wax, also called bikini wax, is the removal of all the hair around and in the pubic area and is most popular for women. It’s done using wax, hence the name. Yup, it’s the wax you use for removal of your legs’ or hands’ hair, although considering how sensitive this area is, natural wax is preferred, as synthetic ones can be rigorous.

First off, is there a real need for getting Brazilian wax? Why do people get Brazilian wax in the first place?

Answer is, there’s no real need to remove all hair around the pubic area for anyone, but those who do it either do it for a hygienic reason or because some swimsuits reveal it, which can be quite embarrassing. It’s also very popular in some areas that both a bride and her groom must have their pubic hair all removed before their wedding, in preparation for their wedding night. Some even consider it religious.

– So how is it done?

You’ve probably gone through removing your legs’ or hands’ hair using wax at one point. It hurts a lot for the first time, but the more you do it, the more you get used to it and the pain becomes a lot less. It’s exactly the same with Brazilian wax, except that the area is more sensitive, thus the pain endured will be harder, especially when removing the hair in the pubic area.

I’m pretty sure you already have an idea, but here’s how it generally goes: wax is heated and a wooden, fresh clean stick (this part is very important, you do realize how sensitive this area is and it’s extremely important to be clean,) is dipped into the hot wax and carefully spread into a reasonable part of the area. Quickly before the wax has time to dry, spread a clean cloth strip over it firmly and leave it a minute to dry, then pull the strip off firmly, making sure it’s in the opposite direction of hair growth.

This is soft wax. There’s another type of wax, one that’s a little easier to endure and generally causes less pain. Yup, you guessed the name correctly-hard wax. There’s no need to use cloth strips and such there-the wax itself is everything you need. Heat it a bit so that it’s sticky enough but not too soft to handle and spread it over a reasonable area. Wait until it cools and then pull off. Be careful not to wait too long though, because if it cools too much, it will be pretty hard and pretty much unusable (unless you heat it again, but that’s gross.)

So that’s how it is. Nothing different from waxing any other area, right? Let’s talk about a few tips to make it easier though. It’s preferable to apply some talc before starting to absorb any sweat or moisture and make this as easy as possible. Then clean it carefully by dusting it off and start away. If you’re too sensitive to pain, or if this is your very first time and you feel rather nervous, you can apply a local anesthetic so the process is pain-free.

A piece of honest advice though-if you’ve never waxed this area before, don’t start with Brazilian wax. Brazilian wax means removing ‘everything,’ so it really goes deep and penetrates all areas and all parts to remove all the hair. Some parts have a lot of nerves, meaning that it’s quite sensitive and things will be very painful if this is your first time touching it. That’s why it’s recommended to get a few regular waxes first to get used to this before going Brazilian. If you opt for this, make sure that the period between the times you waxed is reasonable-about a month or two is quite good enough.

An extremely important thing to keep in mind-hair length. If the hair too short, the wax won’t be able to grab it, and this whole process won’t work. If the hair is too long, it will be quite difficult to do things easily, and it will have to be trimmed. So keep it at a reasonable length.

A question may come to your mind-can I have this during my period?

Well, theoretically, you can, but things will be a lot more difficult and you really don’t need that. Less hygienic and more painful as the area is a lot more sensitive. So why do it during that time of the month? It’s best to wait a week after it’s over and gone.

Brazilian wax can be done at home using a home kit or at a salon, where it’s done by a professional. If this is your first time, then definitely have it done in the salon. This way, you’ll get an idea of how it goes, and more importantly, considering how sensitive the first time is, it’s best to have a pro take care of it so that you don’t end up hurting yourself.

How long does a Brazilian wax last?

The answer to how long does a Brazilian wax last is really quite subjective. After all, everyone’s hair grows at a different pace. Having said that, I would also point out that on an average, Brazilian wax is quite effective and you will not have any hair growth for about 3 – 6 weeks. There are many factors that determine the rate of growth. Here is a look at some of them:

Type of wax used

There are two main types of waxes used for this procedure: soft and hard. Hard wax is generally less painful and hence many salons prefer using this. Also it breaks all the hair above the follicles, which means that it will take more time to re-grow. Soft wax on the other hand does not break the hair completely but takes it out in a gradual fashion. Hence you will be able to see hair grow at a quicker rate.

Regularity of Waxing

For people who get Brazilian waxing done on a regular basis, the smallest growth of hair will be noticed only after a minimum of 3 weeks. Till then the area will remain completely clean and smooth. However the case is quite different for those who are getting the procedure done for the first time. For them, hair can start appearing in as little as 6 days. This is because it takes a couple of sessions for your hair to be completely removed from the skin surface. Once you start getting a regular wax, you will notice that hair takes much longer to grow.


The age of a person in another important factor in this. Young people have higher metabolism and hence will see faster growth of hair. For older women the rate of growth is lesser.

Hope this helps you get an understanding of Brazilian waxing. Have a talk with the salon beautician before your procedure to get a better idea.