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Challenges to do at home and with friends

Challenges to do at home

For many people, a home is just a place to sit, relax and attend to family chores. Even those who truly believe in the good old adage that a home is where the heart is’ may not fully acknowledge the fact that the home can be quite an adventurous place.

Aside from sitting in front of the television watching your favorite shows, or venturing into the backyard for a touch of fresh air, there are very many other ways to derive maximum experience. Join me as I introduce you to some of the fun challenges to do at home, with a view to helping you explore the wildest zones of your heart and mind.


As it were, meditation is the closest we can ever get to God. Even the atheists know that meditation brings us in touch with our higher power. It makes us take stock of what has happened, what is going on around us and what is yet to come. Aside from the personal and spiritual benefits, meditation has health benefits too. It is known to reduce stress and overcome many emotional challenges, especially if there is an apparent feud in the family. In a nut shell, meditation fosters clarity of thought that allows us to form better opinions of others and make balanced judgments. All you need to do is spare some time and learn the many ways to meditate, and then select one that works best for you.

Draw or paint

We all know that not everyone is born an artist, but that is not to say we shouldn’t try to be one at times. The kind of art done through drawing and painting can be very therapeutic as well. There is never a better way to get those rigid and racing thoughts out of our minds than to express them through painting or drawing. Did you hear of the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words?’ Basically, there are emotions we can never express in words and the best way to convey them is through drawing. Open up your mind today by drawing and begin to see things that would otherwise be unclear by drawing something. What’s more, do not focus on the appearance but rather on the message you are trying to convey.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is not only a fun challenge to do at home, but a way of enhancing your mental capabilities as it flexes your brain muscles. The benefits of learning a new language are many, and they range from widening your social circle as you are open to interact with many people, to putting you in a better position for certain job opportunities. However, it is the great experience it brings us while doing it at home that makes this challenge a must-try.

Dance a little

Do your friends say you have two left legs, fear not. You can actually dance at home without them having to watch you. Dancing is a sure way of lightening you up, and it is recommended you dance to your favorite videos for maximum experience. If you cared enough to stimulate your creativity, dancing is just the perfect thing for you, thanks to its ability to release energy from our spines. In addition, it is a healthy way of having a little workout after long spells of sitting or sleeping.

Vision board

Vision-boarding should not be a preserve of wannabe artists. You can take the challenges as well at home. Vision board pictures are not just food for the eyes, but they can offer you great inspiration to go after the things you long for such as a type of a guy, a car or even a home. Vision boards will surely enhance your focus to pursue your most cherished life goals as they will always be a constant and visual reminder of what you want to be.

Handstand against the wall

Hand standing against the wall helps your brain function better. However, that is not the only benefit of taking up this challenge at home. This challenge has also been proven to improve your complexion as well as enhance strength and confidence. Do not approach this challenge as a workout but instead, gently and carefully work yourself into the handstand and you will notice that your wrists and hands will be stronger to withstand the challenge.

Start writing

As is the case with drawing or painting, writing is also another way of expressing emotions. The only difference is that writing enables you to express ideas. Think of what you want to accomplish in future and start writing about it. You can also think of a play you would wish to star in and begin writing the plot. At the end of the day, you may be surprised to end up with one of the most expensive blueprints or enthralling plots ever. You can write on a piece of paper, typewriter or even on your PC, what matters is the idea you are trying to write about and not the medium.

Spoon bending

For once in all time, you can forget the cynicism that is associated with this practice and take up the challenge at home. While it is clearly not practical, neither is it scientific, it is a sure way of unleashing the positive energy from your brain. Spoon bending opens up the brain and challenges it to venture into the extraordinary.

Cook some special recipe

A good recipe to experiment with here would be raw foods. Raw veggies are not just a preserve of the health and fitness fanatics. You can experiment with them too. Once you find a raw food recipe, try to practice preparing one. Experimenting with raw foods is a challenge that all should take, not only for the huge nutritional benefits that these foods bring, but also because they stabilize our emotion and make the brain function better. This ways, you can approach all the challenges that arise at home with a good level of sobriety.

Find a cause

Lastly, you can also take up one of the most recommended challenges to do at home – finding a cause. A cause can be anything that you fancy and greatly admire. As a general rule, it is often more fun to try and recover the lost causes as opposed to finding new ones. Some of the lost causes you can recover and begin championing include honesty in business, responsible parenting, chastity, environmental care or responsible leadership.

6 Challenges to do with friends

Play truth or dare game

Truth or dare games are always very challenging but fun too. If you have time, you and your friends can organize a get together and play it. It’s always interesting to see what type of truths the players reveal about themselves. It is a way to bond and also get to know your friends better. Truth questions like “what is your worst fear” are very important and are very effective in learning more about your friends. The dare games are usually very challenging and sometimes they test the resilience of an individual. There are some that only the strong willed and the most courageous can actually overcome.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing usually requires a lot of preparation and conditioning, more especially if it’s a tall mountain. You can get together with your friends and organize an expedition. It is much safer and fun if you go as a group because the mountain terrain is normally very challenging to navigate. If possible, try and reach the highest mountain peak. It’s never easy to climb a mountain but together with friends, it is a challenge worth trying. The experience is quite something and the memories created will last a life time.

Raising money for charity

It’s always great and very fulfilling to raise money for a good cause. You can organize with your friends to raise money for charity and set targets to see who achieves them first. It’s not easy to raise money because most people will look at it with a lot of skepticism and getting to the desired amount can be a very difficult task. The goal is what makes it worthwhile because at the end of the day, it is all about helping the less fortunate in the society.

Class competition

If you and your friends are in the same class or at the same level of education, some healthy academic competition is very much welcome. You can challenge yourselves to see who gets the highest GPA score or who goes to the best university. It is a challenge worth taking up especially if you are in your last year of high school and are competitive. The challenge can also push you to work harder and get better grades than your friends.

Bike racing

What is more fun than a group of friends competing against each other in bike racing? You can set aside a weekend and together as friends, race against each other and see who emerges the winner. It is a test of endurance, strategy and physical strength. It is also a good way to exercise. At the end of the day, you will have had a good time.

Quitting a bad habit

You can challenge yourselves to quit a habit. It’s not easy to quit a habit like smoking and that’s why it’s much better to monitor yourselves as friends. If you are the only one who smokes, you can tell your friends about the decision to kick the habit and have them monitor your progress. That would definitely be a healthy challenge. There are also other bad habits like poor eating patterns which you could challenge yourselves to quit.