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10 Cute things to say to your boyfriend

Cute things to say to your boyfriend

Do you often have dull moments at the end of the day when you and your boyfriend sit down alone together, when you think to yourself ‘what on earth should we speak about?’ or ‘how can I pull a conversation with him?’ everyone cherishes a partner that they can communicate easily with, and whom they can have countless endless conversations with at any moment. However, not everyone has the same interests as others. So how can you choose the right things to say to your boyfriend and the right conversation topics? Below are cute things to say to your boyfriend that can easily save the day!

1) Talk about things that he likes: As odd as it might sound, your boyfriend would be thrilled if you open a topic about his favorite soccer team, or if you show excitement for the basketball game that his favorite team has just won! He will probably get too excited and start talking about it nonstop, but you do not have to do this often. If you just manage to bear with this uninteresting topic for you every once in a while, he will really appreciate it. You can manage to talk about other things that he likes too, such as his favorite music, food, and so on. Showing your partner that you care about what he likes is a priceless sign of appreciation.

2) Plan activities / vacations together: If there is a holiday coming up in a few weeks, or even months, you can always suggest interesting things that you and your boyfriend can do together. If you want to make it even more interesting, instead of just throwing suggestions up in the air, you can do some research beforehand and kick off the conversation with some prepared exciting suggestions that you both can discuss back and forth, and have something to look forward to!

3) Tackle topics of mutual interest: some topics might cause you to disagree with your partner, causing some tension in the atmosphere. Thus, think cleverly about topics that would bring you closer instead. Think to yourself: what points do we agree on? What fields of interest do we have in common? Open topics about the same travel destinations you like, the same rock band you both are fans of, the same columnist you both are interested in reading for, and their last weekly op-ed, and you would embark on a lovely, exciting, yet mellow conversation that could go on for hours before you even notice it.

4) Ask your boyfriend how was his day: after a long, tiresome, pressuring day, we would all appreciate finding sanctuary in someone who would ask us ‘how was your day at work?’ Of course in a genuine way. Ask the question showing that you really mean it, ask for details, show interest.

5) Talk about future plans: on a fine day, it is nice to open the topic of “what would we like to do in the future?” Of course, without dwelling on it, or tackling sensitive topics based on the level of the relationship at that point. Such topics could come up easily and with the flow of one to one conversations, which would be a great opportunity for you to fathom them more at that point. Just when the timing is right, without seeming to be pushy.

6) Talk about funny things: It is always nice and lovable to open funny topics. Tell your boyfriend a joke that you have recently heard or seen in a comic TV show. Or tell him about a funny moment that happened at work, or with one of your family members or friends. Infusing fun into the relationship will add a lot of positive energy to the ambiance around, pushing drama away and making sure you two are not having a dull moment!

7) Remind your boyfriend of the beginning: it is no secret that the most exciting, colorful days of a relationship are those that have shaped the first era. Reminding your partner of those days, how you met, the coincidences that brought you together, the things you said to each other, all that is very effective in pouring freshness in your relationship.

8) Ask about his family and friends: we all appreciate our close ones, whether they were our family, best friends, or close relatives or cousins. Asking your partner about his close ones shows him how much you care not only for him, but for anything and anyone that plays an important role in his life. And that will show him that you value him indefinitely.

9) Share the two extremes of ideals and flaws: expose yourself! Show your boyfriend your real human self. Open a topic about the ideal values you both appreciate and you believe that we should live in a world that abides by, but also exchange with him the peculiar side of you two; such as stories about your childhood, a crazy thing you did when you were at university, or a childhood nickname that you earned because of something funny you did. Watch out of getting excessive, though!

10) Express: nothing can ever top simple, genuine, true love words. Some of the most important things to say to your boyfriend from time to time, but regularly, are how much he means to you, how much you love him, and how lucky you consider yourself to be for having him in your life. This will always make him know how true you are to each other, and how lucky he was, too, for having you in his life.