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how to get rid of a stye overnight fast

how to get rid of a stye overnight fast

Styes are among the most common problems that individuals have to deal with. Unfortunately, there are people who get styes quite often. On the other hand, there are others who are lucky enough to have it just once. The worst part, it happens when one actually expects. A stye can have an impact on your regular life, particularly if you are an outdoor person. Worse still, it can happen when one is supposed to attend a critical event the following day. So what is one expected to do in such occurrences?

If you are looking for effective and fast ways of dealing with styes, you needn’t look further. Here, you will learn how to get rid of a stye overnight fast. This means that you can get rid of it, even in a single night. Of the essence is to get it right. Here you go:

Tea bag

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of the home remedies for common conditions and infections are found in the kitchen. This is quite advantageous in the sense that one doesn’t necessarily have to leave the house to source necessary ingredients. Like in the case of tea bag. We have them on our kitchen shelves nearly all the time.

Begin by moistening some tea bags. The next step entails placing them over the infected eye or eyes for approximately eight to ten minutes. For more desirable results, this should be done several times. Dandelion and chamomile tea bags are equally useful since both of them are antibacterial herbs. A good number of people have used this method to get rid of styes very fast.


Typically, potatoes can only help you achieve so much. Apparently, potatoes are also among the easiest as well as the most effective ways of curing styes. Make a potato paste, spread it on a cloth and then apply it to the infected eye – externally. It will go a long way in reducing the swelling.

Guava leaves 

Do you have some guava leaves for whatever use? Well, they will come extremely in handy in this. Heat them and then place them on a warm and damp piece of cloth. While applying some pressure, place it over your eye. Doing this will reduce the swelling. It will also calm down the irritation.


These popular vegetables aren’t only good for your nutrition levels, but also for the health of your eyes. If you have some spinach in the fridge, boil a handful of them. Drain the pot and then apply in the same way as a poultice on the infected eyelid. Hold it in place for about thirty minutes. This procedure should be repeated at least three times daily.

Aloe Vera

There isn’t much work involved. You just have to cut the leaf of aloe vera plant and milk the pulp. The obtained gel is then put directly on the stye and let for some time before it’s rinsed off using water. Aloe Vera is without doubt a very helpful remedy for a myriad of diseases and conditions. As a matter of fact, it is precisely what you need to get rid of styes within the shortest time possible. The fact that it has numerous other healing properties makes it, in every sense, a miracle plant.


If you or your family loves to include eggs in the majority of the meals, you must have several of them in the kitchen. This piece of news will be more useful if you have layers within your home. The kind of egg that is most effective here is the one that has been laid recently. You are required to place it on the stye and hold it for five minutes. Another alternative is to put the egg white on a clean piece of cloth. The compress is then placed on the stye for not less than fifteen minutes, say around three times.


Do you have some fresh parsley? If yes, put a cup of boiling water over a handful of them. The mixture should then be left to sit for ten minutes. A clean cloth is then soaked in the mixture obtained and then left to relax on the infected eye for fifteen minutes. Do this a few hours before you go to beds and then repeat it a few minutes before you sleep. Should you ever suffer from puffiness around your eyes, this home remedy can help significantly.

Antibacterial eye drops as well as creams 

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of preparing home remedies, this approach will help. If you can get to the drug store, you may want to consider sourcing over the counter eye drops or ointments. They are usually applied to the infected area to speed up the process of healing. However, it is advisable that you consult your physician before using them.

Coriander seeds 

These seeds are very useful in the reduction of swelling and pain associated with eye styes. It is pretty straightforward. Put the seeds in water for about two hours. Squeeze the seeds and then use the drained water to clean the stye. After you are done cleaning the affected area, rinse it. For effective results, repeat this process several times.

A warm compress 

There is nothing that feels as good as a warm compress- regardless of the area being applied. Primarily, it helps to minimize inflammation. It is as simple as it sounds. Just boil some water and then soak a clean towel or washcloth. The dipped towel is then placed on the eyes for around ten to fifteen minutes. The pus drains out naturally due to the heat generated by the compress. Besides, a warm compress helps to calm down any irritation, pain or discomfort associated with a stye. Repeat the same process thrice or four times during the day or night.

There are more than ten ways of getting rid of styes. These are just some of them. Others include baby shampoo, cucumber, tomato, onion rings, cream milk and salt water among many others. If done as instructed, results are guaranteed. This is how to get rid of a stye overnight fast.

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