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Cute things to say to your girlfriend

One of the most attraction traits in men is the ability to flatter, to make her feel special and loved. Girls love to be complimented, that is why it is always a good idea to tell something nice to your girlfriend, even to your mother or a friend girl. Words are like magic, you can tell your girlfriend something cute and you will have her hanging around you. Those are some of the cutest things you can tell a girl to make her fall in love with you or to make her love you even

Here are Cute things to say to your girlfriend:

1. In case you don’t live in the same house, you can text her when you desire and tell her something like: “I can’t stop thinking about you. When you are not around, my world loses all its meaning and I lose a little bit of my heart”. If you tell her something like that, you will keep her in love forever.

2. Another good thing to tell her is something like: “I wish we could live forever, so I could love you all the time”. This will totally make her hear melt. After that you can go to the cinema and watch a romantic film while you both cuddle. This will make her night and will also make her the happiest.

3. If your girlfriend is quite shy, you can tell her something like: “I love it when you blush, you look so cute” after saying that, she will surely blush and her heart will start to pound fast, making her look even cuter.

4. If your girlfriend is a fan of the well known music band The Beatles, you can tell her: ” All I need is YOUR love” and I can assure you that she will fall for you even harder. Then, you can take her to eat pizza. There’s no need to go to an expensive restaurant, what’s more, i’m sure she will prefer a cheaper one. Your love is all she needs.

5. If she is quite romantic, you can tell her this quote: “I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet” and then look her straight into the eyes. With this, you will let her amazed.

6. Another amazing quote to say to your girlfriend when you fight, is: ” When i see your smile, all my problems are fixed, so please smile for me, so i can fix this fight” Then, your girlfriend will smile and she will for sure forgive you. Then you can watch some film and cuddle in the sofa while eating some popcorn or some chocolates.
7. When it’s Valentine’s day, you can take your girlfriend out for dinner and then take her to a cute place and give her some chocolate, while you tell her: ” When i’m with you, my heart melts like chocolate and my days are the sweetest they have ever been” Then you can kiss her and this will be her best Valentine’s day for sure.

8. When it’s your girlfriend birthday, you can buy her a cake with a quote written on it that says: “When i’m with you, i feel like it’s my birthday all the time, and you are the best present that someone has ever given to me” This will make her so happy and you two will have a good time celebrating her birthday.

9. When your girlfriend has a bad time, a good quote to cheer her up, is: ” I don’t like to see you sad, so please, show me your beautiful smile” This will for sure change her mood and she will be the most smiling person of the room. Then, you can buy her some ice cream to cheer her up even more.

10. If you can’t see your girlfriend for a long time, because she has gone on a trip or something similar, you can text her telling something like: “You’re my world, and when you are not with me my existence disappears, I miss you” I’m sure that she will come back soon. Then, you can buy her a teddy bear for her to bring to her future trips, and you can buy one for yourself, so you two will have something to hug while you are far from each other.