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Top 5 Gymnastics bars for home in 2019

Gymnastics bars are an important asset especially if you have kids at home. There are different types of bars that you can get for yourself. These gymnastics have some qualities that you need to consider before you can buy them. Here is a small buying guide that you can use when you want to get yourself a home gymnastic bar;

A) .The Bar width-you have to consider the width, depending on who is going to use it at your home.
B). The weight-The gymnastic bar should not have much weight. It’s around recommended about 100 lbs.
C). The Height-you need to consider the height, especially for kids. Most of them are under 10.
D). Bar material used
E). Extra items included
F). base width needs to be stronger to support more weight

Here are the top gymnastic bars for a home in 2019 based on the above guide;

1. Tumbl Trak Junior pro

This Pro Gymnastics Bar is a special one and only occupies a space of 4 by 6 on the floor. It has a solid maple bar having a steel gauge thus ensuring that it durable and marketable. This bar is stable on its own, ensuring that there is no extra stabilizing mechanism, making kids to feel stable, while they swing. Its ability to support itself is what makes it so unique. It’s very easy to set up also, about 10-15 minutes and your kids are ready to go.

2. Tuble Trak(Junior Kip) Bar

This type of gymnastic is special One, coming in different features. It has a solid beech bar together with a steel construction making it strong and durable. This helps your child to move with ease. Its size is also good enabling even the small hands to hold onto tightly.
Since it’s made from steel, you don’t have to worry about it bending in any way. It’s safe and there is no wobbling during gymnastics.

3. Z- Athletic Gymnastics( Expandable Junior Bar)

This is another great bar and it has a good weight. It is made from heavy-duty steel, making the frame very strong and high quality. This bar is about an inch and about half a diameter. For sure it’s not that big for the hand. This is a safe bar to buy.

4. Pink Adjustable and Horizontal Bar

The Joom Beem( Adjustable Horizontal Bar) is another great bar to go for. It has a foldable mat beam that is attractive. The bar diameter is about 1.5 inches. They come in different colors such as blue, pink and purple, but purple stood out. This is a good one for kids because of its bright colors.

5. Norbert’s Athletic Gymnastics Mini-Bar

This is another great bar to go for. It has an ability to adjust itself based on the height and specifications that your child wants. This bar is also easy to fix as it requires about 10-minutes. It is recommended for a total weight of 100 lbs.

In conclusion, it’s not easy to pick the correct gymnastics bar for your family. It is therefore to know the correct specifications that you want and consult also. The above list makes the top 5 gymnastics to buy in 2019.