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Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady – Quotes and wishes

We only have a birthday one day in the whole year – and every woman wants to feel special on her special day. Believe me, even a simple short message can make a huge difference.  When you send her a happy birthday, she knows you’re thinking of her. She knows that you care.

Everyone has special women in our lives – it’s our mother of course, but it can also be our girlfriend, daughter, or uncle, and getting a happy birthday message means a lot for them.

But composing a great happy birthday, the beautiful message takes time. You don’t want to send a meaningless message – you want a *Perfect* message. That’s why, to help you find the perfect message we compiled this awesome list of messages – for your girlfriend, friend, mom, or sister.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful – For your girlfriend

  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman in the whole world inside and out.
  • Happy birthday to the prettiest woman in the whole world! Today is your day gorgeous!
  • You’re a special lady, and today is one of those special days when you need to be reminded again of how much we love you! Happy birthday beautiful!
  • Just Sending you a quick Happy Birthday message, just to remind you how beautiful you are, and tell how special you for me!
  • Today is the birthday of the most gorgeous lady in the world, my wife! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • Happy Birthday to a world-class thief. You stole my heart, and you continue to take my breath away.
  • You’re the perfect package: beauty and brains. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday my love! You become more beautiful each year that passes by! Happy Birthday!
  • You make me happy every day, and I want you to be happy this special day, happy birthday love!
  • S.E.X.Y spells: Seriously beautiful, Excellent friend, Xylophone and You’re my rock! Happy Birthday!
  • You’re a hottie, ’nuff said! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful quotes for a beautiful friend

  • Happy Birthday to my dearest friend! Hope all your dreams will come true this year!
  • Birthday Quotes for a Beautiful Friend
  • Happy Birthday, to my most beautiful friend!
  • Asides from me of course, you’re the most beautiful person I know. Happy Birthday!
  • Damn, it must be hard being that beautiful. Happy Birthday!
  • I would just like to say: damn, you’re beautiful. Oh, and Happy Birthday!
  • I Just want to wish you the happiest of birthdays, beautiful!
  • You’re my MBBFF (Most Beautiful Best Friend Forever). Happy Birthday!
  • I’d love you even more if you weren’t so damn beautiful, Happy Birthday!
  • God hit a home run when he made you! Happy Birthday my beautiful friend!
  • You are B E A Utiful. Happy Birthday!
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that beholder is everyone! Happy Birthday!
  • Honey, you’re drop-dead gorgeous! Have a blessed birthday!
  • What’s the best word that describes you? BEAUTIFUL! Happy Birthday!
  • You’re perfect in every way, I couldn’t have ever asked for a better friend! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • Through thick and thin, you are always there for me! Thank you and Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • It saddens me how beautiful you are… Happy Birthday!
  • Life is made better with you. Happy Birthday, beautiful!

Birthday Quotes for my beautiful Mom

  • I know where I got all my good looks from, Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom!
  • Mom, you’re stunning! Just saying! Happy Birthday!
  • Mom, you’re my hero! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • I couldn’t have asked for a better and more beautiful Mom, Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for making me so beautiful! Happy Birthday!
  • I’m glad that I got your looks over Dad! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be so damn beautiful! Happy Birthday!
  • Nothing says Happy Birthday like a good gift. So here’s your gift: Me! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • If I could have made the perfect Mom I would have made you! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • Not only are you the world’s greatest Mom, but you’re also a hottie! Happy Birthday!
  • Mom, I was worth nine months! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • Mom, I’m sorry for those nine months! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • Mom, Dad has himself a keeper! Happy Birthday!
  • Through the bad times and the good times, you are always there for me! Happy Birthday to a Mom who is beautiful in every imaginable way!
  • Our family wouldn’t be a family if it wasn’t for you! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • Mom, I look like you! What luck? Happy Birthday my beautiful Mom!
  • Mom you are hermosa, belle, bellissima, schön and mooi. In other words, you are beautiful everywhere you go! Happy Birthday!
  • I’m proud that people always tell me that I look like you! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • If it wasn’t for you I’d look like Dad, so thanks for that! Happy Birthday!
  • Inheritance doesn’t just mean the money I’ll get; I inherited your good looks too! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Quotes for my beautiful Sister

  • You’re my rock! But a particularly beautiful rock I might add, Happy Birthday!
  • God broke the mold when he made you! Luckily, God fixed it when he made me! Only joking! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • A world without you would be no world at all! Happy Birthday, my beautiful Sister!
  • You look like a fallen angel. Unfortunately, that fallen angel hit a few branches on her way down! Only joking you’re beautiful! Happy Birthday!
  • Sister! You is fine! Happy Birthday!
  • Between me and you, you’re the better-looking one! Damn! Happy Birthday!
  • I wish we were twins you’re that beautiful! Happy Birthday!
  • I’m glad we’re not twins! Only joking, you’re a hottie! Happy Birthday!
  • You’re my most beautiful Sister! Then again, you’re my only Sister! Happy Birthday!
  • I don’t know what I’d do without you! Wait, no, yes I know: I’d be the hottest sibling! Happy Birthday!
  • Not a day goes by when I don’t feel fortunate to have a beautiful sister like you! Happy Birthday!
  • We can’t choose our family, but if we could, I’d choose you to be my Sister! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • Unfortunately, we can’t choose our family… Only joking, I’d choose you every time, beautiful! Happy Birthday!
  • If it wasn’t for you I’d be on my own with Mom and Dad… Thanks for that, beautiful! Happy Birthday!
  • Amazing Sister alert: You! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • Amazing Sister alert: Me! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • Me + You = Two bad-ass and beautiful Sisters! Happy Birthday!
  • Seriously, could you be a better Sister! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • I think you’re winning the best Sister war! Happy Birthday, beautiful!
  • Forget what Mom and Dad say, you’re amazing and beautiful! Happy Birthday!