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How to buy the best cat bed ?

Does your cat like to crawl under the blankets in your bed to catch lunch? In that case, a fabric bed is exactly what it needs. Cats usually prefer sleeping surrounded by dark spaces when they feel hidden and protected from danger. The more we can provide them with places that give them a sense of security, the more they will feel protected and the more the cat will spend time with you. So if you’re wondering where he is hiding every day, buy his own bed.

What to consider when buying a cat bed ?

Material – A cat bed made of different materials and fabrics. When you choose the fabric, choose a fabric that you like and will match your home’s furniture. As for choosing the material from which this bed may be, you need to look from your cat’s perspective, the comfort of his preference. There are many different options and materials depending on your cat’s favorite conditions. From a hard mattress to a luxurious sofa bed.

Comfort – Your cat will probably not use your bedspread if it is uncomfortable. Think about the places he likes to sleep, and try to buy a bed whose texture feels similar to those places. Consider the texture he likes to sleep on, fabric, suede, cotton, satin or whatever and choose the fabric type according to our experience and observation.

Location – You will want to purchase a bed of size and shape that can be placed in your cat’s favorite hiding place. If he likes the closet, start by placing the bed in the closet and as he gets used to the bed start moving the bed every now and then at a small interval to where we want it. Do it slowly and patiently and gradually over time because cats don’t like big changes.

Style and Sample – Think about the places where your cat likes to hide and sleep. Then choose the example and style of the bed that mimics these places. If he likes to sleep under your bedspread, buy him a bed that has a soft, cozy texture that she would love to be inside and under. If the back of the cat’s closet is beloved try the igloo bed that gives the cat the feel of a cave.

Size – Consider cat size when choosing a bed for him. The bed should be big enough for the cat to be able to turn around and lie comfortably but not too big to feel lost and lose the warmth it needs to feel

Washable and easy to clean – Many beds are not suitable for washing in the washing machine, so it is worth looking for one that can be put in the washing machine. Washing occasionally will make the bed smell good and prevent a flea attack.

Picture of sofa bed for all options for replacing the middle pillow – In addition to the occasional bedcloth, it is necessary to make sure that only the inner mattress can be purchased in case and torn or worn for one reason or another. You might think it’s better to buy a new bed already, but keep in mind that cats don’t like big changes, so changing only the inner mattress is better for some than replacing the whole bed.

Durable – It is best for the bed to be of high quality and well-stitched to last.

Comfort – If you want your cat to use the bed you bought it should be comfortable for him.

Stylish – The cat bed comes in a variety of colors and models.

Choose the type and color you like and match the furniture in your home.

Safe – The bed should be durable and safe for your cat in normal use. That is, she has to take into account the sharpening of the cat’s nails. You should be aware that if the bed is already worn out, it may start to fill inside, which is dangerous for the cat and can cause choking.

Cozy – In addition to allowing the cat a place to feel safe, a cat’s bed serves as a protector for the cat’s body heat, and is especially useful during the winter and for older cats.

Your cat loves the bed – if your cat doesn’t like the bed it won’t use it. So the cat’s habits and preferences must be taken into account before choosing a suitable bed for him

What is better to avoid choosing a cat bed?
Avoid fabrics that will easily disintegrate or tear and expose the filling material or leave wires hanging. Your cat may suffocate them or may have bowel problems from swallowing

Avoid beds that are not easy to clean, as they may be fleas and other pests.