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How to keep you cat healthy? Essential tips

Alongside the attention and love we have for the cat, it is important that we maintain daily habits as part of the routine of care for the cat’s health:

Daily brushing the cat’s fur – can significantly reduce the amount of hair balls the cat swallows. Most cats love brushing and consider it quality time with their owners. If the cat does not enjoy the combing, you can try to do this before giving the food and then he will associate the brushing with the meal that awaits him.
Get a high quality brush, one that is made of cilicon and provides gentle touch.

Avoiding Cat Feeding in Dry Food – Cats need meat as a key part of their daily menu. Therefore, the cat’s main meal during the day should be meat. It is recommended that this fat be made from soft foods that come in canned and adapted for cats. The dangers inherent in excessive consumption of dry foods are: Cat damage due to the high amount of carbohydrates in dry foods, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Keeping track of the amount of water the cat drinks – since most cats are descendants of desert cats, they do not need as much water. Most of the fluids their bodies get from the food they consume, mostly water-based (like the canned cans that cats give). If the cat’s food is mostly dry, it must be provided with water at all times. Signs that may indicate dehydration are: lack of energy, gasps or sunken eyes. These may be characterized mainly by older cats, which tend to suffer from dehydration. In this case clean and fresh water should be given to the cat.

Sterilization and neutering – These actions have added value at various stages in your cat’s life. Sterilizing female cats prevent the sense of frustration they feel during the lap period. Also, neutering and sterilization may prevent the development of cancers associated with the reproductive system that cats may develop in adulthood.

Sandbox – If you are raising some cats, make sure each cat has its own sandbox. Position the crates so that they are not in close proximity to each other, and make sure they are not placed in the dark or where the cats fear. It is better to find a quiet corner and easy access to it. This is because when the cat does his needs he has to feel safe and protected. Care should be taken to clean the sandbox daily, and if the cat does not like to stay in the sandbox, try several types of sand until you find the ideal one for your cat.