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How to turn a guy on – 6 Essential Tricks That Every Woman Should Know

Many women fail at the dating game. This might be due to many different reasons. Some are too shy to approach a guy at a club, for example, others are too arrogant and give off an air of superiority, which instantly turns of most guys. There are also women who think themselves way more intelligent then a man, and as such, come of as all knowing and geeky, which also most guys don`t really like.

Men, like women, are complicated beings, and have their needs and desires, just like women do. Although it might seem easy to hook up with a guy at the local pub, who drank all night and does not even know his name anymore, turning on a sober and normal man, is quite complicated. Here are some essential tips and tricks that every woman should know, if they want to date or simply turn on their significant other.

1) Wear a sexy dress

The first thing men notice about a woman, is the way she dresses. Nowadays, the more skin a woman shows, the better. Mini skirts and sexy stockings with high heels will definitely make any man swoon over you. Also, skin tight dresses with just enough cleavage to show off you assets is also the way to go. A woman should, without doubt, accentuate her natural curves, mostly around her hips and behind, because that part is what most men will check out first when seeing a woman.

2) Walk sexy

This part is pretty easy for most women, but there are some who have to learn it from scratch. Walking like a man, will definitely not turn on any guy who sees you. When a woman wears high heels, the natural swaying of the hips when she walks should come by heart, but every woman should learn how to walk sexy, even if she is wearing Converse shoes. There are few things as beautiful, as seeing a sexy woman walking the right, sexy way, just hinting at her assets, with every step she makes. It is just mesmerizing, and will surely turn any guy on.

3) Smell good

Smell is a very important part in turning on both genders. A sweaty, stinking construction worker, will probably be as successful in hooking up with a woman, as a pig would be. And that is true for women as well. Always smell nice when dating, or even when meeting your husband or boyfriend. A woman smelling of sweet, flowery fragrance is extremely sexy for a man. Half of the question of how to turn a guy on, can be answered by just smelling good. Always use perfume when going out, or even at home. Love goes through the nose as well.

4) Be soft

An extremely important aspect. Every woman should be as soft as silk. Use creams, lotions, shower gels which naturally make your skin soft and moist. And most importantly, always shave. Nothing is as disgusting for a man, then a hairy woman. That was sexy 10,000 years ago, but not in the 21st century. On the other hand, few things are as sexy for a man, as silky smooth skin, wherever he might touch you.

5) The way you present yourself

Every woman should show of her femininity to a man. But also, not be needy and excessively possessive. The perfect combination, is between a damsel in distress and a woman that can hold her ground, without becoming arrogant. Men naturally want to protect their women, it is an ancient instinct that every man has. If you let him protect you, it will definitely turn him on, because he will feel like a hero. But also, if you show him that you are not just a pushover, that is very hot for a guy as well. It is all about balancing these two character traits.

6) Play the game

This last part is also very important. Always play the game with a guy. Tease him, touch him just at the right spots, and then back away. Leave him with something to look forward to for the night. Make playful jokes about him, and accept his jokes as well, without taking them personally. Kiss him ever so slightly, but never give him everything. Men were hunters in ancient times, and that remains true to this day. They need a challenge and something to hunt, so be the prey. It is a definite turn on for most men, to have to go out of their way to get a woman.

I hope these tips will help women out there who struggle with the question of how to turn a guy on. I wish you success.