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List of topics to talk about

Human beings have many topics to talk about but choosing the right topic for striking a conversation is an art. Different age groups have different interests. These interests also differ with time and context. Similarly, topics differ in the company of bosses, colleagues, friends, relatives, acquaintances, and strangers, though some topics are invariably common. Conversation helps to find a common ground.

Difference between communication and conversation

Communication is not essentially conversation. It also need not be in spoken format. Conversation requires communication in verbal format and usually results in some agreement or disagreement.

Lists of topics to talk about

Learning the art of conversation begins with knowing something about topics to talk about in the specific group. Here are a few lists of possible topics that help to keep the conversation flowing

List of topics for conversation between youngsters and adults

1. Studies
2. Activities in school
3. Sports and Fitness equipment, such as treadmills, gymnastics
4. Clothes
5. Gadgets and devices
6. Pocket money
7. Vehicles
8. Games

It is unlikely that the youngster is going to be concerned about issues such as unemployment, healthcare costs, politics, purchase of new machine, budget, etc. Any such conversation in which there is no input from the other person in the conversation stifles it.

List of topics to talk about with your wife/spouse

1. Future
2. Finances
3. Politics and trending topics
4. Problems and concerns, including those related to children, car, neighbors, guests, health, etc.
5. Work
6 Any secrets or embarrassing situations that the spouse needs to be aware of including past
7. Vacation – Where to travel?
8. Friends and relatives
9. Happy moments
10. Sad moments
11. Clothes and shopping
12. Movies, games, etc.

Obviously, the couple spends more time together. Therefore, they need more topics to discuss. Often the topics turn up out of blue such as conversation with a neighbor, or something in the newspaper.

List of topics for conversation with friends

1. Work
2. Concerns directly or indirectly related to work or something that is stressful
3. Politics and trending topics
4. Clothes and shopping
5. Movies, games, etc
6. Health
7. Friends
8. Gadgets and gizmos

List of topics to talk about with relatives

1. Politics and trending topics
2. Clothes and shopping
2. Movies, games, etc.
4. Health
5. Friends and spouse
6. Work
7. Problems and concerns that can be solved
8. Gadgets and gizmos
9. Vacations

List of topics to be discussed with strangers

1. Politics and trending topics
2. Movies, games, etc.
3. Gadgets and gizmos

List of topics to be discussed with employers or bosses

1. Politics and trending topics
2. Work
3. Problems at work place
4. Gadgets and gizmos including machines and equipment for workplace
5. Business competitor


The above lists are by no means exhaustive. Context also matters. Therefore, employer talking about business competitor at the wedding ceremony of the employee is odd. Passionately rambling about something that others are not interested in or know little about is actually boring them. Effectively, they start avoiding the rambler. Similarly, not allowing others to talk on the topic is also not an effective way to start and continue a conversation. At the other end of spectrum are those persons who do not talk much. Therefore, they tend to answer in monosyllables or behave in a manner that the conversation is stilted. Silence follows such awkward situation and it needs to be broken by changing the topic or adding something that dispels such awkwardness. The art of conversation and topics to talk about is indeed a complex art.