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How to make yourself sneeze ?

Ever thought of an easy method on How to make you sneeze? Want to sneeze and simply can’t naturally? Or, do you want to prompt yourself to sneeze on purpose? But did you know it’s possible to make yourself sneeze at any time? A majority of us link sneezing to allergies, colds or irritation in the nose or the sinuses. Sneezing occurs naturally, but it can be triggered through tickling various sneezing spots.

Every person is endowed with different sensitivity, depending on how they react to different irritants. Read the following SIX WAYS that will make you sneeze.

How to make yourself sneeze

Direct Stimulation – Using a Tissue

Get a tissue then roll one side of its angles into a funnel. Gently insert the rolled edge into the nose and waggle it around, anticipating to arouse the sneeze flex located in the brain through instigating a tickling sensation.

Typically, it might take some time, and it’s vital to change the tissue in case it becomes wet because of the moisture. This technique is believed to trigger a sneeze, occasionally and even repeatedly. To ensure that the method is useful, vibrate your upper lip through the gusting air via your mouth or simultaneously generate a humming tone.

Edible Stimulants-Chewing Gum

Another popular way of bringing about the sneeze flex is through chewing a gum that is concentrated with peppermint. Although this is mostly related to the concentrated peppermint odor and flavor, as opposed to the action of chewing by itself. Some individuals sometimes report receiving a sneeze every time they open a peppermint gum. For a good sneeze, individuals are advised to try mints and candies like Altoids.

Via Inhalation- inhale pungent and strong spices to sneeze

Ensure that you are in a closed room, and then Gasp pungent and strong spices like pepper for about 15 seconds. This is likely to bring the sneeze flex. Coriander, Cumin, ground pepper.
Take a sniff of cumin, coriander, ground pepper or other seasonings. An individual can also try inhaling some spices so as to trigger a sneeze. Get a coriander or cumin powder on a piece of paper, then breath- in the spices slowly. Ensure that you don’t allow a huge portion of the spices go into your nose as it might bring a burning sensation.

Suddenly looking at the sun or a bright light

Looking suddenly at the sun or a bright light can cause a sneeze reflex. 17% to 35% of individuals are believed to be “sun sneezers” and are thought to have genetically inherited the sneeze flex. You never know, you might be among them. You can test this by limiting your exposure to the light, then close your eyes. Once your eyes have adapted to the darkness, open them and quickly switch on a bright light, go into a dazzling room, or look outside at a bright spot, ensure you are not looking directly at the sun, this can injure your eyes. If you are endowed with the photic reflex, you are highly likely to sneeze, possibly several times consecutively. The trigeminal nerve is responsible for controlling sneezing, and it runs alongside the optic nerve. An overstimulation of your optic nerve can “rubs off” on your trigeminal nerve, which makes the body respond through sneezing.

Direct stimulation – Plucking nose hair

Amazingly, just plucking your nose hair or plucking your eyebrow would cause a sneezing effect. You only need to pull hair from inside your nose using your hands or tweezers. However, it is imperative to note that plucking a bunch of hair from your nose will cause a lot of pain, therefore just pull a single hair! Pull the nose hair with a sharp jerk and it’ll trigger an immediate sneeze reflex.

Massage your Nose to Sneeze

A continuous massage to your nose bridge can activate the trigeminal nerve, which cause sneezing. Just massage the nose bridge using your index finger or thumb. Also, pinch the nose a little and continue rubbing the nose bridge. A tickling effect will signify that you are about to sneeze.

Triggering a sneeze with the above method is easy with the above tricks on How to make you sneeze. Use the techniques, sneeze and enjoy the benefits of a good sneeze, which include clearing your nose of viruses and bacteria, reduce fatigue, increases concentration and reduces nasal irritation.