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The Best Narrow Calf Boots for 2020

Narrow calf boots are without doubt fashionable and timeless. They can be worn on different occasions and they allow room for playing with different fashion style. However, purchasing narrow calf boots, especially online is not easy because of the availability of a vast collection of narrow calf boots. This article intends to solve this challenge by narrowing down to five styles of narrow calf boots to make it easy to choose.

Thigh high boots

As the name suggests, the boots extend to the thigh region and the height solely depends on your preference. Thigh high boots are considered funky and are thus worn in more casual occasions or costume parties. They are also a great purchase in winter since they shield one from the cold. While their usage is a little bit limited, they are without doubt necessary. Thigh high boots come in many forms for example, one could select thigh high boots with a flat base or a heeled pair, depending on what they want. They also come in different colors and styles.

Over the knee narrow calf boots

While thigh high boots extend way into the thighs, over the knee boots are just slightly over the knees but not into the thigh region. These boots are a common choice for stylish women and can be worn during outdoor activities such as horse and bike riding. The boots are also great for a party, and they pair well with skinny jeans. The greatest attribute of this type of narrow calf boots is that they can be comfortably worn by women with skinny legs. They bring out an allure of confidence and are a great asset for the cold weather too.

Slouching narrow calf boots

The best slouching narrow calf boots end just above the ankles. This is an excellent choice for someone going for a casual funky look. They come in different forms such as plain slouching boots where the boot is made of pure leather and a small piece of cotton material on the inside to insulate the legs from the effects of excess heat. It slouches from the use of extra material sewn to fold upon wearing, creating an exotic appearance. The other type is the use of extra stuffing that makes the boot look larger. They both pair well with or without leggings.

Mid- calf boots

The mid- calf boots end below the knees and the broadest part of the legs. These narrow calf boots add a special stylish effect to any form of fashion which includes skirts, skater dresses, shorts and trousers. They are universal and compliment almost all kinds of fashion. Mid- calf boots come in various forms and materials. The most common is leather and velvet. They are best worn in flat forms, although heels are also an option. Mid- calf narrow boots with a blocked or wedged sole are a popular fashion choice. This is because not only do they enhance the appearance of the calf muscle but also compliment a variety of dressing options.

Stretching boots

Stretching boots, like the name suggests, stretch to fit various leg sizes. These boots are a great choice for individuals whose body size shifts a lot because they can always fit the shoes. Stretching boots are tight and always fit the skin. They come in various lengths such as knee- length, thigh- length and mid- calf. Stretching boots cannot necessarily be defined by a particular fashion or style. They compliment a variety of dressing styles, and one only gets to know what compliments best by trying. Its a great fashion risk, worth trying. When buying narrow calf boots, various other accessories matter since they increase the aesthetic value of the boots. Common accessories for narrow calf boots include buckles, zippers, top to bottom laces and even beads. Color is also a great factor. The primary take away with color is that if the color of the leggings or trouser is similar to that of the boots, then one should expect a more skinny appearance. Nevertheless, narrow calf boots are a must have in your wardrobe. They are convenient, trendy and never get out of fashion. Several brands sell a vast collection of narrow calf boots online, and it is essential to understand your preference before purchasing.