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Online Dating Tips for Introverts

Have you given much thought to online dating? If you’re a smart and sexy introvert, it’s probably a great way to reach out to someone like yourself.  Certainly, there’s a way to do all things, so don’t be shy about joining  a p popular dating site.

Meeting someone online is highly possible for the introvert, however, evidence proves when two introverts get together, it’s also hardest to take the relationship offline.  It doesn’t matter how much the two of them want to meet each other, staying behind the scenes is comfortable.

Transitioning the online relationship

Why is transitioning difficult even for the smart and sexy introvert? The fear of actually meeting someone is greater for introverts and when this happens, it’s simply comfortable to remain behind the computer board. The problem with this is the couple may find the online relationship more exciting and view the meeting as a total disappointment.

Writing allows introverts the opportunity to remain in their comfort zone.  They can think about what to say before they speak and can even erase thoughts before sending them.  Not everyone has the courage to get out and mingle although they may be good looking and intelligent.  It easy for extroverts, but difficult for the introvert, especially when it comes to meeting strangers.

According to Psychology Today, there’s much to say for the introverted couple and the website bringing them together.  Since the chances of Mister Smart or Miss Sexy knocking on their doors are highly unlikely, the dating service is the next best thing.

Dating online means you don’t have to leave your home or get dressed up to have a conversation.  In addition, being able to get the small talk out of the way before meeting helps these people to overcome the stress of breaking the ice over a cup of coffee. But finding someone online to talk to starts with joining a dating site and writing an attention-grabbing profile.

Writing the introvert’s dating profile

Some people suggest most introverts stretch the truth when it comes to writing a dating profile.  Because they can live somewhat uneventful lives, they must be creative to write an appealing profile.  Which, in turn, can be misleading.

With this in mind, what happens when an extrovert is interested in a smart and sexy introvert?  This match can be difficult to manage.  When one partner thrives on physical activities and outings, but the other one would rather sit at home and watch a movie, there can be conflict.

The most popular people online are the ones with pictures of their boats, on vacations or participating in the marathon race.  How can an introvert compete with this?  He exaggerates, um, just a tad bit.  On the other hand, we have tips available to help the introvert write the dating profile.

Tips for writing the introvert’s online dating profile

To help keep the introvert honest and to provide help writing an interesting profile, we suggest using these tips.

  • Let your personality shine through. Show it rather than tell it.  For example, if you are a nurturer, instead of saying, “I’m a nurturer,” write “I enjoy caring for plants, animals and people.”
  • Complete as many of the details you can. Talk about your hobbies, goals and passions. Tell the viewer what drives you out of bed every day and what warms your heart.
  • Give the subscriber an idea of what values you look for in a person. By doing this, it will help to eliminate people who don’t share in your beliefs.
  • Avoid negative thoughts and phrases. Stay away from statements like “I don’t like smokers.” Instead you can say “My health is extremely important to me, so the air I breathe must be clean” or “I love the way my home smells like fresh ocean air.”  At this point, they will likely take a deep breath, attempting to smell what your home smells like and they will get you don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke.
  • Spelling is crucial and so is punctuation. Please, use the “return” button when starting another thought.  It helps the reader grasp the meaning of your thoughts better.

Not into dating multiple people simultaneously

Dating one person can be confusing to an introvert, not to mention a few people at a time. In reality, the thought of juggling two or three people at a time is overwhelming for most anyone.  In light of this, the introvert’s circle of friends is small.  They are not confident carrying on multiple relationships although online.

Besides, a lot of introverts hate repeating themselves.  Having to explain the same story to  multiple matches at the same time will irritate the introvert.  Before long, they will consider copying and pasting their conversation, which will seem like a script if retold many times and this is tiresome. Often, the introvert will give up if they do not find a compatible partner soon after joining a dating site.


Remember, dating the introvert is not much different from any other person, but you must get to know them first.  We all have things we do and don’t like. You see, for introverts, it’s easier to write than it is to communicate verbally face-to-face.

They even form a level of chemistry online, whereas it may not be the same once they actually come in physical contact with each other.  This sort of thing is common and when it happens, it can be disappointing and disheartening.  It’s important not to give up, however.  There’s someone who’s smart and sexy waiting to meet you!