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Hot accessories for the hot summer 2019

Summer is already here and together with it you have to maintain a summer fashion. The hottest trends of the hot summer can be found in the world of jewelry and accessories. To make sure you have the most special items in your jewelry collection to show a beautiful and fashionable summer.

Earrings with pearls are a classic and beautiful accessory to add to almost any outfit. This summer the hot trend is a string of pearls. Bright colors are dominating fashion now and pearls are no exception. Pearls are great for the hot weather because they add chic to clothes, and of course there is a selection of bold colors that we like to wear. Pearl jewelry can be found in purple or blue. The colors will be prominent, and will illuminate your wardrobe along with the mood.

If you are looking for the newest and most fashionable look on the bracelets, then the answer is wide bracelets with nicks that cover a large part of the mother. The bracelets go great with the summer clothes, they fit into a simple vest or dress. For those of us who go for a simpler look like a T-shirt if a shorts, a wide bracelet adds to the look of voice and chutzpah.

How about feather earrings? Feather earrings are probably the biggest trend this summer in terms of jewelry and vaquboris. So many celebrities embrace this punk-bohemian look. Feather earrings are suitable for such a wide range of clothes, you can choose the more elegant look with feathers in colors such as black or white or go wild with colorful feathers in many colors like purple, blue, yellow, red and more. As a fashion accessory, feather earrings are just perfect. They are light weight, comfortable to wear, and are suitable with almost any summer outfit. Jewelry manufacturers add additional items to feather earrings like suede stickers, colorful decorations, sparkling necklaces. How can you resist a pair or two of feather earrings for your accessories collection?

Summer fashion means it’s fun, flirting and colorful. Of course your accessories really reflect that. Add some color to your jewelry box this season.

shimmystyle is a unique site, you can find accessories for belly dancing alongside unique jewelry. Silk scarves in many colors, beautiful chiffon scarves, and gorgeous silk fans. Special jewelry such as feather earrings, dragon earrings on the ear, nail rings, cool Gothic bracelets, hair and garment flowers made of fabric and many colors. Besides the material side of the site, you can find fascinating articles on the site that speak about spirituality, femininity, belly dancing, movement and their connection to each other.

Here comes the help of accessories that allows a relatively small investment to make the clothes already resting peacefully in the closet to something else

For example: a spectacular lapel pin will concentrate your attention, catch your eye and turn your upper one into something else

Combinations of bracelets, earrings and rings can make clothes a backdrop instead of standing in the center.

In order for us to know how to choose and adapt the appropriate accessories, we must first understand the structure of our bodies.

Owners of the broad and short structure will prefer long necklaces or long earrings combined with striped motifs along the body that will resemble the body’s high body structure
A combination of high heel will add to the high look and will fit into the long chain

The relatively high structure will prefer a low but elegant look and boast of short but relatively large accents that can not be ignored as saying “we are here”.