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The best 5 online business degree programs for 2015

Obtaining an online business degree seems to be the rage among many people nowadays. Because of the lower costs and the exceptional level of flexibility that online degrees offer, students are able to complete their coursework and still spend time with their loved ones and attend to their daily chores without interruptions. Also, the length of time which it takes to complete a business degree online is shorter when compared to when you attend full-time or part-time face-to-face classes. Depending on which area you would like to specialize in, there are several options of business degrees that you can choose from. But their quality, value, and recognition vary considerably depending on the institution that you obtained them from.

Top 5 Online Business Degrees

Most of the degrees that are earned today are in the business field. But in the expansive and multifaceted world of business, specialization and diversification is quite the norm. Here are the 5 most popular online business degrees for 2015.

Business Technology

Business technology serves the needs of those who have a deep interest in business, yet technology runs deep in their blood. Business technology covers many areas and allows you to specialize in such areas as information technology management, systems analysis, information systems and many more. With technological advancement, it can have a huge impact on businesses and Business Technology graduates will be at a position to access the needs of the business, do strategic planning and manage the use of technology in a manner that helps the business achieve its goals. Moreover, the graduate can help in managing the implementation of technology in different sizes of business.


For many years now, this business degree has been the most preferred option for students who are headed into a business career. This degree equips students with the right technical knowledge to handle problems and provide solutions in accounting, forecasting, taxation, auditing and assurance among other options. With this degree, a graduate is well prepared to take up challenging positions in business and also in a professional practice.

Management Science

The business world requires competent professionals who can live up to challenges and provide corporate entities with expertise in areas such as human resources, logistics, purchasing, marketing and many more. Because this area of study covers many crucial subjects, students who complete this program can take up entry-level or middle-level management positions and move up the corporate ladder quickly. Management science prepares the graduate for a career in small, medium and large entities. Among the common titles that management science graduates take are management consultants, change managers, human resource managers and project managers, just to name a few.


Marketing is the driving force behind every business, that’s why marketing degree program continues to be one of the top choices for online business degree students. It’s a matter of fact that nothing happens until something is marketed and sold. A marketing course covers such areas as communication, market research, marketing strategies and many more. Graduates of this program are able to design and execute a high impact marketing program that can help improve the popularity of the business and put it at a competitive edge. Some of the most popular job titles that marketing graduates take are those of marketing coordinator, marketing executive, marketing manager and demand planner, just to name a few.]\

Healthcare Administration

The health sector is one of the few areas that require managers who posses high level of competency. Healthcare Administration major within a business degree provides leadership strategies within healthcare that help in driving forward business strategies. The course offers crucial lessons that solely focus on the intricacies that are mostly associated with the health industry. Nonetheless, there are several topics or units that are universal and which can prepare the graduates for entry or middle-level management in businesses that are related to the healthcare industry. With this course, you will cover diverse courses such as communications, financial management, human resource management, strategic management and many more. Among the titles that Healthcare Management graduates can hold are patient care associate, medical director and heath services manager.


The above 5 online business degree programs are among the most popular among students today. They are interesting, offers extensive coverage and promising careers. Students can save on cost and reduce the length of time which they take to complete these business programs.