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10 Things to talk about with a girl in a relationship

It is obvious that for a relationship to be exciting, fun and happy, both partners need to always add new things into it. There are several ways to assist a relationship grow closer, but nothing beats up communication between man and a women and more so a new relationship. And hence study reveals that a perfect communication in most cases starts with a man’s happy conversations.

So, as a man you should know the correct things to talk about with your woman/girlfriend to ensure that your relationship blooms into a better romance, and that your girlfriend will feel affection and love for with you too. Here are so of the topics a man should talk about with a girl in a relationship;

i. Things to talk about with a girl in a relationship

There may be moments when you feel like you lack what to talk or say to each other, particularly when both of you speak for more hours each day. But if you wish to say something very interesting, and ensure her feel more connected and close to you, here’s what you are required to keep in mind as a man.

ii. Talk about her friends, her interests and her family.

It is important to ask her about her family, friends and their lives, ensure you have long conversations about her interests also and those things she likes to do most when she’s got enough time on her hands. Talking with her about her interests will assist her see that you’re authentically interested in knowing all about her and her life in general.

Also, if the two of you do share particular hobbies, then the two of you will be in a position to bond even better with each other. However, if you do meet her family or friends sometime, you’d by then get know everything about them and will help in making all the right conversations with them besides charming them in the initial conversation.

iii. Talk about your future.

This means talking about both of your life, those things you plan to do, your aspiration and future goals and other things especially along that line. Women/girls always like a man who sees his future and go ahead to work towards it. You can be fun, spontaneous and live for a moment, but provided that you got a focused life, she’ll always be awed by the determination you have and will like you even more. This is an evolution thing. Men must have a subconscious requirement to hunt and protect, and women/girls on the other hand need to feel very secure and protect the young ones.

iv. Talk about both you and her views on life

It is true that all of us have got our own individual perspective about life. But again, we don’t fully share them with everybody in the world. So, by finding out more on and about her views on life, you’ll get understand her better and even know more about what she enjoy doing in future and more so her real goals in life are. As a man keep her close enough to you.

v. Discus about both your childhood and your past

Childhood memories are such memories that are full of fun to either talk about or listen to, particularly if it involves a funny or an embarrassing incident. Discus with her about your first crush, , the first time you got drunk, your good looking teacher or even the time you did something silly. It is at this point whereby your girlfriend will definitely take pleasure in and have a good laugh while spending time with you.

vi. Your life for the day

Commonly, it’s the women who talk more on and about their own day whereas guys just listen. Men never more often than not go into details unless they have something to nag about or they’re very comfortable with their girlfriend. It is obvious that the more you go into the little aspects about what you were before up to that day, the more alternatives you’ll have to build novel conversations and listen to some her views about it.

vii. Talk about your fears

Girls/women love a guy who is frank and open up and that he can talk about his fears. By talking openly about both your life’s dreams and your fears, you’ll have made your girlfriend to feel even closer to you because you’re disclosing your most vulnerable side to her. In that, in case something has upset you or something bothers you, be it your pal or something at work, converse about it with your girlfriend. This is one way she’ll absolutely be interested in it and love to assist you out too.

viii. Talk about your secrets.

Everybody loves a good secret. Do you have any amount of secrets that you don’t commonly tell whoever you meet? Then it is good to share that secret with her. This is because the secret will totally flatter her and make her realize that you trust her sufficient to share your top and deep secrets with. And definitely before realize it, she’ll also start sharing her secrets with you, and hence become much more intimate and close to you.

ix. Date ideas and Vacations

Talking about holidays and dates is always a fun time in any single man-woman relationship. A good number of us spend the entire year dreaming of the annual vacation, or spending a whole week scheduling and planning the next romantic date. These are the best items for a man to share and discuss it with a girl. She’ll enjoy and love talking about date ideas that concerns her, particularly which involves new restaurants, movies, and fun things to do jointly, be it seating and planning a vacation together or even coming up with new ideas on how to spend the whole of a weekend together.

x. Gossip about life

Every day gossip is one interesting thing to do, and she’ll be in a position to talk for a long time concerning things that are happening especially in her own life. Don’t be afraid to ask her about her work and her colleagues including everything else that happens during her work hours. It should be noted that talking about shows and movies on the television is one of the greatest gossip. If the two of you like enjoy the same shows and movies, the definitely you will have a lot of things and opinions to talk about for several hours on end.


Talking to a girlfriend is one of those things that appear pretty and complicated, but it does really involve a series of little rules of carefully picking it up, get down to it before proceeding in picking up a more rules. Conversation is like playing a game that you understand very well. Sooner or later, you feel like you can undertake everything, since you know all the important and different paths to winning a lady’s interest.

Care should also be practice in a conversation involving relationship. This is because girls like and enjoy some of the topics while the rest might be tedious. Therefore, prior to launching any longwinded stories, monologues, and tales or about any particular topic, find out if the woman at hand is interested.