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What are the Top 5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners In 2019

Robotic pool cleaners make what was once a dreaded task a walk in the park. No one wants to step into a filthy pool. This calls for proactive pool maintenance in order to enjoy a dip swim anytime during hot summers. Nowadays, you don’t have to work hard to make your pool clean, you just need to act smart. Pressure slides and suction cleaners were once great, but they made pool pumps work harder which greatly reduced their lifespan.

This guide will give you the top 5 best options of robotic pool cleaners in the market this year, 2019 (Taken from this post). These robots are well-equipped for a wide range of pool designs and shapes. Additionally, they combine functionality and respect your budget as well.

Polaris-F9550 Sport Robotic Pool Vacuum.
This ground pool cleaner is equipped with 4-wheel drive active motion sensor technology and covers 70 feet (ca. 21 meters) in one sweep making it a suitable high-end option. It has powerful vacuum pumps capable of dislodging deeply embedded dirt even in tight corners or angles. This pool cleaner also has a 7-day programmable cycle which Simplifies your work in case you have tight schedules. However, you will need to check the program regularly to ensure it is still in place. This robot cleaner is a bit price and struggles with vertical walls.

Aquabot-X4 Robot Pool Cleaner.
This pool cleaner is designed to suit pools of all shapes. It features a 60-foot range and suitable gadget to have if you want to keep your budget small. Aquabot-X4 is hyper-effective—the mapping programs and algorithm that scan the pool’s layout enable this pool cleaner work efficiently with any shape or pool design. The high-end pump-filler allows you to use less chemical in your pull as the vacuum pumps efficiently clean deeply embedded dirt.
Aquabot-X4 has one shortcoming though, the brushing unit is very fragile meaning you’ll have to replace them regularly. The three years warranty means you can rely on this pool cleaner.

Dolphin Premier-Robotic Cleaner.
This pool cleaner is known for its energy-saving design—up to 90% efficient than AC powered cleaners! The Dolphin pool cleaner has various units responsible for removing leaves, algae, debris and pollen that work independently. Unlike other models that struggle with the walls, this one has a grip track that allows it to effortlessly clean your pool’s walls. Despite all its amazing features, it struggles with oval-shaped pools but its manufacturers are working around the clock to solve this. 

Hybrid Aquabot Pool Rover. 
If you are under a tight budget and still want your pool clean, the Aquabot Hybrid offers you an enticing alternative that is difficult to turn down. This pool cleaner has a 19-quart collector bag, a programmable cleaning pattern and efficiently removes leaves, debris, algae and grim. Its propeller system accommodates a 24-foot pool and the wheels are uniquely designed to carry the robot’s weight on delicate covers like the vinyl. Despite its price, this robot doesn’t struggle much with deeply embedded dirt. 

Hayward-RC9740CUB Sharkvac Pool Cleaner. 
This robotic pool cleaner is user-friendly because its design makes the initial setup simple and the operation a breeze. Once you connect it to a power source, the pre-programmed sequence will do the rest for you! It is not prone to damage making its maintenance simple. However, it is purposely designed to clean the floor completely neglecting the walls. For its price, you can compromise a bit on its wall cleaning capabilities. 

There are a few things you have to put into consideration before deciding which robotic pool cleaner you want. This especially applies to the material you have used to cover your pool’s floor and walls. Consult with the storekeeper before making a purchase. It is no secret the higher the price the better the product. This does however not mean relatively cheap pool cleaners don’t achieve their purpose.