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What men secretly want?

“Men are simple beings, very predictable.” I have run out of fingers counting the number of ladies I have heard make this remark or an equivalent of it. While there might exist some element of truth in this rashly made observation, the modern-day redefined man still remains an enigma that cannot be summed up with some half-baked analogy. If this was entirely the case, then 90% of Taylor Swift’s “heartbreak” tracks wouldn’t have seen the light of day. However, as a man, I have to come to understand that despite the fact that men are mostly misunderstood when it comes to romance, they largely subscribe to a unique type of mindset. And most of them will harbour the following deep-set secrets about they expect from the ladies in their life;

Men secretly crave for women they can confide in.
Don’t be fooled by the macho, handsome exterior or by the cocky, almost elegant attitude. Most men are not so sure of themselves. They, however, put up the facade of refined confidence to impress women and also as an adaptation means of surviving the ruthless dating arena. Nonetheless, in their true pristine nature, men yearn for a lady whom they can open up to. A lady whom they don’t have to work so hard to impress each other day. They want a woman with whom they share their most inner fears and insecurities. And a man will certainly fall for a lady whom he can hold a heart-to-heart conversation with, without feeling inferior or undermined.

A man will always want to feel like “he’s the man of the house.”
Men are generally egoistic beings and the proof of that lies with how aggressively they make advances to women. Ask any man in a relationship and he will tell you how good it feels when his girl curls up inside his embrace. As a lady, the easiest way you could terminate a relationship with a guy is to encroach his masculine roles and begin dictating what he should or what he shouldn’t do. You might be taller than him, earning more than him, more educated than him but remember that he will always want to feel in control of the relationship. Otherwise, be prepared to catch him with another ‘more submissive’ woman.

Men yearn for appreciation from their ladies.
When is the last time you surprised him with an unexpected gift? When is the last time you told him that his eyes look vibrant when he’s whispering you some lovey-dovey pep talk? Chances are you’ve never done that. It’s natural for women to think that the relationship revolves around them that they forget that it takes two to tango. Remember, if you make him feel that he’s paying to be in a relationship, he will do just that- pay for all your expensive clothes and in turn expect you to fulfill his physical needs. That kind of relationship usually leads nowhere. Any man worth his effort desires to be appreciated by the lady he’s toiling for.

Men yearn for respect and attention as much as ladies do.
Chivalry aside, the reason why most men go lengths to dazzle ladies, is because they love the respect that women accord to men of substance. Make a man feel like a small god and right there you have yourself a man under your spell. He will empty his bank accounts for you and swim the across the Pacific when you come calling. 

To sum it up, all a man truly desires from his significant other is to feel like every bit of himself is perfect for her.