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6 reasons why women Usually Choose The Wrong Guy

Family life is such a journey that we can compare with a ship voyage. Sometimes, the sea will be too calm, but in other dreaded moments, it will show its full fury which makes us scared. If we succeed in finding a good partner in our lives, then it will be quite easy to overcome all these issues in the most effective manner. But, unfortunately, many times, people tend to pick the wrong partner, and women stand top on this decision failure. Through this article, we are analyzing some major factors which compel women to chose the wrong soul mate in their lives.

Initial physical attraction: Many women all around the world have the habit of analyzing a guy through his looks and charisma. Many times, this will pull her to deep trouble, as ‘all that glitters is not gold’. The initial infatuation and urge for the sexual encounters will make a woman blind, and she will lose her thinking ability to chose the right partner. During this phase of life, all that rules our life will be the unending wish to have meaty encounters with our dream man, nothing more nothing less. Most of the people will distance themselves from friends, family members and relatives during this physical attraction time, as these well-wishers will try to guide to the right path which may be sometime non-acceptable for the woman involved.

Bad Luck: This is perhaps the most common factor which makes women choose a person who stands in the opposite pole in terms of mindset, attitude, passion, traits etc. Differences in all these personality traits will not go well with many couples, and finally, it will result in family problems. In the initial days, both the partners will try to cop up the issues without making it too critical, but if things start to go beyond limits, then the final result will be nothing less than break up.

Underestimation: Inferiority complex which stays in the minds of many women all around the world usually pulls them to the clutches of a wrong partner. Many women think that they are not smart and beautiful enough to flatter an attractive guy. A person with this mindset will try to find a partner somehow, and she will not think more before choosing him. These women think that their NO will cease their chances to get a guy in their entire life. The thought of being alienated usually spoils the lives of these women.

Falling in love and not looking at the picture: Sometimes, women used to fall flat for a respective guy’s skills and talents. In these moments, females used to neglect all his negative factors which make him Mr. Wrong. For example, a guy might be a growing celebrity with a decent fan following among the general public. This positive factor will be enough and more for many women to chose him as their life partner. But sometimes, he might be having umpteen numbers of negative things stuffed in his life like alcoholism, addiction to one night stands and sometimes previous history of unhealthy relationships.

Obsession towards bad boys: According to a recent study, it has been confirmed that more than 30% of the women love to choose bad guys in their lives. This obsession towards bad guys will not turn well in all times, as it will sometimes betray the women involved, not all the times. So attention women friends, even if you wish to build obsession towards bad guys, research about his background and character before giving a positive nod.

Mad love: An Indian writer recently told that love do not have eyes nor brains. Sometimes, love will make you blind, and you will end up in choosing a wrong partner. Always remember, even if you are in love, consider various factors before taking the relationship to the next level. Before thinking about marrying a guy, it is always recommended to consult with your parents or close friends.

Selecting a wise partner is quite essential to lead a happy future life blended with impeccable quality. So make sure that you are choosing the right better half for your remaining years to make it colorful in all means. Try to digest the fact that even a small flaw in selecting your partner will make your life similar to hell which is something unbearable.